He is 27,he is a medical doctor(cardiologist ), a poetic rapper, an author of the best selling book, an artist with a jaw-dropping painting, a model, an aspiring neurosurgeon, he is POLYMATH, He is YERINS ABRAHAM, Ex Big Brother Naija Housemate season 6  and it’s our pleasure to have him he is our entertainment star for September.
Come along as we journey into the world of the soft-spoken Yerins, who spoke about his life before and after BBN amidst other things, you don’t want to miss this intelligent conversation he had with Otekunrin Oluwatomi of La veronica Magazine recently.
LVM: Tell us about your journey before BBNaija.
YERINS: Interestingly from my secondary school days I love anything computer and people think I will study computer engineering. I was in Debrison Hungary, and I had an epiphany to study medicine, thankfully I did well in all science subjects and I told my dad I wanted to study medicine and he didn’t object.
LVM: So what is it like studying medicine in Ukraine?
YERINS: Thankfully my dad had a family member who directly graduated and so I’m not a stranger in Ukraine with his family member. I am a cardiologist but now I am falling in love with neuroscience but I will still do something in that line, not now though.
LVM: During the BBN audition, do you think you will be selected.
YERINS: (smiles) came back to Nigeria in late 2019, I’ve not been to Nigeria for 8 years, I have practised for some time now and  I have my license, I wanted to explore a creative part of me, I was with my dad in Abuja and later came to Lagos. I got to know about Big Brother and I was like” I will like to go for BBN” and so I put in for the audition
I remember all I said was “Hi I am Yerins and I am polymath when I was recording my audition, the stages were much and I was happy that I made it to the house.
LVM: What are some of the strategies you went to BBN with?
YERINS: (smiles) I was asked many times during the audition and I told them that I am going to be myself all through my stay. I didn’t have any strategy, I just went to big brother Naija to showcase who I am because I feel you can’t pretend in BBN, you can’t fake who you are for days. I was just being me and I just love the fact that I give all of me even though I didn’t spend more time in the house but I’m grateful I made it anyways.
LVM: In one of your interviews, you said you are a perfectionist, do you think that was a plus or minus in the house?
YERINS: I have heard this severally since I got out, I think my words were taken out of context to mean I’m a perfectionist, I’m not a perfectionist, I take risks a whole lot, I make mistakes and take responsibility for my actions, you can’t learn if you always want to be perfect. What I hate is just a toxic environment even after my eviction some of the housemates said they missed me, would have loved to stay much longer so they can enjoy a sweeter part of Yerins.
LVM: You are a polymath, you are a medical doctor, an author of best selling book right now, a model, a rapper, you are an artist with exquisite artworks. When did you start modelling and rapping?
YERINS: (smiles)modelling started in my first year in school I met a photographer who likes me a lot, he took several beautiful pictures of me and I was lucky I modelled in Paris when the opportunity came and later I did African fashion show. Since I got out of BBN some agencies have reached out but will rather model for a brand than any agency. I have come to love modelling and I will do quite a lot of that now and I’m so available for any exquisite fashion brand. For the rap, I love poetic rap so much and I started in my secondary school days, I remember one of my friends took me to the studio and he asked me to rap on a particular song,I think it’s a talent, I later developed it and you all will love my poetic rap. You all should watch out.
LVM: When you found out on the stage that Maria was part of the housemates that nominated you for eviction, do you think it was because of the bathroom drama that happened between the two of you?.
YERINS: Maria is a cool person but I guess we didn’t just get along maybe she didn’t just like me and if she thinks I did something wrong she should have walked up to me and tell me instead of gossiping about it to other housemates. That is not cool at all.
LVM: Can you tell us what this bathroom drama was all about?
YERINS: I have been clearing the air about this in all my interviews and I’m glad you ask, Maria was already in the bathroom and I got there later, was waiting for her to be done, I remembered at a point I even called her name she didn’t answer.If they show the clips you all will get to see it. I have the utmost respect for all the female housemates. I didn’t see her naked and the most annoying thing is that she didn’t even tell me and to say she was the one I gave my suit when she was cold on the first night(smiles). I have forgiven her though.
LVM: Living with other 19 housemates, what life lessons do you learn?
YERINS:I learnt that I should be myself regardless even with my flaws some people will still love you.
LVM: What was your parent’s reaction when you told them you were going to BBN?
YERINS: (laughs)the stages of big brother Naija is so much I didn’t tell them anything until I was very sure I was going and they all believe I will represent them well and to my surprise on getting out of the house I saw my dad’s video on youtube supporting me like anything, that made me happy though. I know who my dad is and if he can support me like this then I’m so fine.
LVM; In the house who did you bonded with before leaving?
YERINS: I like everyone in that house but bounded with few people like  Liquorose, myself and Rose talked at length and a heart-to-heart kind of conversation, she is a very strong lady you know, I respect her courage. I like her. White money is my G, Niyi is my guy anytime, I like him too, Angel is cool as well, wish I had more time to bond with others.
LVM: Since you came out, how has it been?
YERINS: It has been so overwhelming, the love has been so massive, I wasn’t expecting, I see love right, left and centre. wherever I go I see love, people work up to me to tell me they are inspired seeing me on their screen, my DM is full of messages and my emails are full of good feedbacks and this is making me happy. There are bad messages too but the loved ones are quite much so I am loved and I’m grateful.
LVM: Youtube or Netflix? (which is your favourite)
YERINS: I lowkey like Youtube though.
LVM: What do you miss about your childhood?
YERINS: The freedom of  not thinking about paying any bills(laughs)
LVM: What was the last book you read?
YERINS: 24 Rules Of Life I think.
LVM: What was that wrong perception of you?
YERINS: Some think I’m boring,some think I am not social, some think I’m a nerd but the truth is people should get to know me before judging me and that fact that doctors can be boring or not outgoing. I can be fun and social. I see those troll on social media but guess what? you guys don’t have an idea who polymath is
LVM: What word do you live by?
YERINS: I believe love is better than revenge, if they do evil to you repay with good.
LVM:  why did you cry in your last diary session?
YERINS: (smiles )there is a way big brother messes with your emotion, I was reminded of the fact that I might survive or be evicted that day and I just couldn’t imagine leaving but at last I left and I’m grateful I was on the biggest platform in Africa.
LVM: Do you feel pressured since you got back?
YERINS: No I’m not pressured, I know where I’m going, even the love I got coming out  I didn’t expect it. Trust me, the love means a lot to me, I won’t pretend  I don’t need all the endorsements, I need to pay bills but at the same time believe endorsement will come in due time.
LVM: What next for Yerins after Big Brother Naija?
YERINS: I’m going back to my poetic rap, I will do music, want to do more art and entertainment (smiles). Though, I will still do my neuroscience and become a neurosurgeon soon(smiles).
LVM: What message do you have for your fans?
YERINS: polymaths, thank you so much, guys. I appreciate your love and you all should watch out for more from me.
I love you all.

LVM: Thanks for your time.
YERINS: Thanks for the feature and I appreciate it. La Veronica magazine, you guys rock. God bless you.

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