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Welcome to a great month called ‘’October’’ just like that, we are in the 10th month of the year. Let’s count our blessings and name them one by one. We got a perfect and awesome Entertainment star for us this month guys. I present a real OG, a voice to the voiceless a rapper par excellence.
‘’Olarenwaju Ogunmefun might ring a bell a little but the name ‘’ Vector’’ scream in our hearts. He is one of most consistent Lyrical genius, he can rap to save his life. He is one of the great rapper in Africa. Come rain, come sunshine vector’s voice can’t be duplicated behind the mic. A graduate of philosophy from the prestigious university of Lagos. He is a bundle of talent and when it comes to state of the country, Vector’s voice is loud. We recently caught up with this great guy recently in an exclusive interview. He spoke to Otekunrin Oluwatomi of La Veronica Magazine.
LVM: Who is Olanrewaju Ogunmefun? Who is vector da viper?
VECTOR: (Smiles) Lanre is a Yoruba boy, who grew up from barracks, attended St.Gregory Government College, I’m not your regular or average guy. I’m a proper Yoruba boy (cut –in).
LVM: A Yoruba Demon or Angel? (Smiles)
VECTOR: Lanre is a mixture of both (smiles) it depends, because most of the time ladies will know that ‘’ It’s not easy to marry fine boy’’ but they have coconut head, they wouldn’t listen. When they experience some little challenges they will start calling the guy ‘’Yoruba Demon’’ back to the first question vector is a rapper, who has been doing music for some years back in school, we were band called Baddar boiz that time I remember one of our songs went viral and all the neighboring schools knew our song, for me that was a lot. I feel like a celeb that time, it was such a big deal. I’m sure I will have a lot of crush then(laughs)
LVM: You have been in this industry for a while, tell us about the ups and down in your journey?
VECTOR: Good question, it’s been a long journey filled with a lot of things, sweet, bitter and anything you can think of. I’ve been through quite a lot but regardless I see it as normal thing, bible talk am sef say in life eye go see but nothing go happen to us. What can I say is it my court case that lasted for some years or some normal industry stuff but regardless I remain unshakable or is it the country stress, omo eye don see but you no go know. In all of it I’ve remain consistent with my songs and nothing can stop me.
LVM: You are a lyrical genius, where do you get your inspiration from?
VECTOR: (smiles) my inspiration is from things happening around me, naturally I’m a thinker, and I draw inspiration from a lot of things. The lyrics just comes naturally and when people hear it, they will be like ‘’Vec, this your lyrics isn’t the regular’’ well I’m not a regular guy though so why do regular rap. I still believe say na God.
LVM: If you are not a rapper, what would you have been?
VECTOR: Tomi, this questions (smiles) I will still have been Lanre but I’m happy I’m vector because vector is bringing joy to humanity, recently, the psychiatric hospital in Yaba sent me a letter how my song ‘’Early Momo’’ made one of their psychiatric patients smiled and talk for the first time and they have been trying to make him talk for a long time. Just by listening to the song he got his healing. These are one of the things that make you happy as an artiste. When your music heal, entertain, bring peace, inform people about things happening.
LVM: What does fashion mean to you?
VECTOR: To me I love simplicity, when it comes to fashion I’m not a fan of trends, anything I like and its fine on me, then I’m good to go.
LVM: You don’t use branded chain, no piercing, no dreads, were you pressure at any time to do any of these?
VECTOR: See ehnn, Lanre is different, I don’t like to copy anyone because I’m one of a kind, there will be no one like Lanre, I don’t need a branded chain for recognition, you guys know me as vector already, una don recognize me. I think it’s more personal, I just love this look, people say I don’t look like the average Nigeria artiste because I’m not an average guy, I’m very peculiar, I’m special. I didn’t get a tattoo until my dad died and I have to write his name ‘’Teslim’’ on my hand because he means the world to me, I love my dad a whole lot he is a great and a just man. You should do a documentary about my dad as a journalist. He was a very good man. I love my dad so much, I had to tattoo his name on my hand. I’m not pressured to do what I don’t like, people like me like this ‘’gbagbe’’ am super cute. (laughs).
LVM: Endsars is two years this October and you weren’t quite at this time even before Endsars, you have been passionate about the state of nation. What do you think Endsars did to our country?
VECTOR: Endsars 2020 was revolutionary, it was a movement they don’t see coming, where we challenge the status quo, where there was unity for the very first time, they were afraid, trust me. Even if that movement was stopped that time, they now know that ‘’not everything goes’’ anymore. You can see from the recent election, gone are the days when victory is sure for a particular political party, that’s not happening any time soon. People’s eyes are opened (I won’t say everybody eyes are opened though).You see with Endsars, they know we can challenge them and we have been doing that, the quest for a great Nigeria won’t come just like that if we are not ready for something different, like revolution or movement that cause change and definitely Endsars is just the beginning not the end, We are going all out in 2023 to take back our nation and enjoy the Nigeria we have been dreaming of. It’s not going to be easy though but we are not afraid after all. May the souls of the people we lost at Lekki toll rest in perfect peace, May the Lord console their families. Endsars was and still an eye opener that we can take our destinies into our hands and that these people are not God, so we can challenge that and liberate this country from their hands. I believe so much in the fact that Nigeria is a great country just that our leaders are working at cross – purpose and making life worse for citizen to live by their bad governance and leadership. We need to salvage this country from evil men, enough is enough.
LVM: What can you say about the upcoming 2023 election?
VECTOR: That election is very important in the life of Nigerians both home and abroad. I hope we get it right this time, see let’s leave praying for Nigeria for now, what about working for the Nigerian we want and then we can now pray. Nigerians pray a lot still evil men are ruling us, we should all do the right things this time, so we won’t use another 8years to keep vigil for Nigeria, I’m not against prayer, I just feel, some Nigerians like to pray and leave work even the bible says ‘’ prayer without work is not cool’’ make all of us work for the good of this country, are we not tired already? Is everything not getting worse by the day? 2023 election is not going to be regular election, it is take back Nigeria, Fortunately some of our youths are getting it, we should vote right not with emotion. We don suffer too much for Nigeria, when are we going to enjoy the good of this land. I rest my case (smiles).
LVM: Away from political matter, how lucrative is being a rap artiste?
VECTOR: I’m a very contempt, I don’t need much to be rich, if I can feed my family both nuclear and extended. Help some people too then I’m fine.
LVM: What do you think about ‘’ doing covers for songs’’?
VECTOR: (SMILES) I don’t do it though but I think people that like it should do it. It’s not my thing.
LVM: Do you have a reason, will you like to share?
VECTOR: I try doing the cover of ‘’Oleku’’ by Brymo some years ago and I landed in trouble. I love peace, since that time I stopped doing covers.
LVM: If you are to take any artiste with you on a get–away, who would you pick?
VECTOR: (smiles) wahala I don’t take anyone to avoid problem, I will just go alone.
LVM: What do you do, when you are not working?
VECTOR: Even when I’m relaxing I’m still working.
LVM: Tell us about your new project at the moment?
VECTOR: It’s my single with Wande Coal titled ‘’Mama Maradona’’, it’s what is happening in typical African setting where parents want to arrange their daughter for a man against his wish. You guy should stream it and listen to it. You will love it.
LVM: Did this happen to you?
VECTOR: Something like that, how will you arrange marriage for a grown man in 21 century. Just listen to it guys, you will love it. There is an album coming out soon but enjoy this single ‘’ Mama Maradona’’ first.
LVM: What do you want to write in the sand of time?
VECTOR: Tomi with deep questions that I help humanity and bless people around me through my songs and other things like my dad wrote his name with gold in the sand of time, he died a good man.
LVM: You have a beautiful daughter, does she like singing?
VECTOR: Thanks for the compliment, I’m a handsome father too (smiles) she has a track on my upcoming album, you people should watch out for the track.
LVM: What has fatherhood taught you?
VECTOR: Hmmmm fatherhood is not cliché it comes with so much responsibility and I’m doing my best to be the best father to my daughters. Fatherhood has taught me a lot. It has a way of changing you.
LVM: When is the Album dropping?
VECTOR: It dropping out this October.
LVM: What is your message to your fans?
VECTOR: I love my fans a lot, you guys are the best I see all the love and the comments. My fans are amazing.
LVM: What is the sweetest thing your fans have said to you?
VECTOR: They say a lot of sweet things but the frequent one ‘’I love your smile’’ My fans believe I have the cutest smile.
LVM: Thank you for your time.
VECTOR: Thank you for having me.