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Hey awesome people, how great to be in the month of November. This year is running faster.

It’s a double dose of entertainment this month as we have theamazing duo doing exceptionally well in their area of influence.

The “Starguys” twins spoke about their works, passion amidst all other things in this exclusive interview as our entertainment star for the month of November.

Join us as we explore the world of these double dose of blessing as they spoke to Otekunrin Oluwatomi of La veronica magazine in this interview Come along, lovelies you sure wouldn’t want to miss this moment with Joseph and Emmanuel Etim Okon,the STARGUYS

LVM: Producing reality show is your thing, was it a passion initially or you evolve into it?

STARGUYS (Joseph): Our first love was music; we came to Lagos as a music artiste (cut-in).

LVM: What kind of music were you doing that time and what year was that?

STARGUYS (Joseph): We came to Lagos 2010/2011, we were singing love songs, dancehall, and we use our event to promote our music. We have modeling academy. We weredoing everything together and we came up with ‘’models on the Island in 2015.  At a point we started publishing magazine (cut-in).

LVM: When did you start publishing magazine?

STARGUYS (Joseph): After our season 5 we started publishing magazine and the Tv show takes up fully in season 7.we don’t sell the magazine, we use it to promote models, we put their contacts and pictures in the magazine. We use it to promote fashion brands as well, it’s a fashion magazine. Ourfirst TV show was to help showcase people’s talent. It’s called ‘’face of images’’ where the winner win a trip to Dubai, the show ran for just one week, it was so challenging.

LVM: Do you think winners at reality shows are most time credible or it’s just people who can pull crowd at the poll regardless of the fact that they might not earn the “winner’ sport

STARGUYS: (Emmanuel) in any reality show that voting is involved, it’s good that contestant sell themselves so that people will vote for them. If any contestant is good but not putting him/herself might not get vote regardless. every reality show is base on vote except is a boot camp, it’s a reality show because people watching want to see your real self, fall in love with you then vote for you.

Most of the time in reality show, the most popular contestantend up having more votes and win. Anyone who has greater fan base, who made audience glue to their TVs and mostly with highest vote wins.

LVM: How have you been handling the challenge that comeswith your kind of work?

STARGUYS: (Joseph) what is driving us is passion; we want to help people as much as we can. I remember at that time, we wanted to grow together I have comedian friends and that time we were artistes, so they showcase themselves  on our platform. we started “model on the island” because of all the negative narrative about modeling and we thought we could help producing a better atmosphere for models, where the models won’t wear pant and bra but will showcase our culture, which is very rich.

I remember we did a rally to sensitize general public that there is nothing wrong in being a model, where we sensitize them on the nitty-gritty of being a model, we had a movie premierthat time to titled “model not prostitute”.

We connect these talents directly to anyone that wants to work with them. We have touched lives of many young people, we made some of them celebrities and they are doing great. It wasn’t easy, the challenges were quite enormous but we pull through. We are happy to be a king makers and we are still touching lives.

LVM: Quite an inspiring journey, let’s talk about your days of humble beginning. How was it as a greenhorn, when there were no partners or sponsors?.

STARGUYS:(Emmanuel) With passion, we help pick people from street to limelight and as we grow, we grow together .We started with people around us that believed in us. At that time it’s not easy getting people to trust you back then but when they saw our passion, they know what we carried was genuine. We work with people that might not necessarily big but consistent in the game.

LVM: You work most time with young ladies, how do you set boundaries

STARGUYS 🙁 Joseph) There is difference between business and emotion. We have to be friendly because these ladies are the ones to sell your work but there is time for play and work.

LVM: Having helped a lot of people in different ways, how have they launched into the society?.

STARGUYS: we don’t leave them after the show, we groom them and we work with them. Some of them are out of the country, whether they win or not we don’t leave them.      

LVM: What do you want government to do for you in this line of business?

STARGUYS: Government should look more into the creativeindustry; they should assist young producers of different shows.

LVM: What is in your bucket list?

STARGUYS: We are shooting a cinema movie this year, Idon’t want to give out much information. You guys are going to like it when it’s ready. We have one of the Hollywood director as our director. we are working on building our cinema and hotel (not in Lagos)

LVM: How religious are you?

STARGUYS: I’m God on earth, I don’t joke with God we are very spiritual people.

LVM: So how do you play your “twins game” with people?

STARGUYS: (Joseph)(smiles) people say we are identical but I don’t think so. We just mess with people’s brain sometimes but it’s all a joke though we confuse people especially if you are meeting us for the first time.

LVM: What kinds of woman tickle your fancy and when will wedding bell ring?

STARGUYS (smile) Tomi, this your question. We like independent women, not the regular instagram girls. Beauty and brains with good character.

LVM: What are your reservations about your kind of work?

STARGUYS: This question is deep, so many, when sponsors promise and they don’t fulfill it, you end up using your money to do what you didn’t plan for.  Imagine sponsor promise two cars and they pull out at the die minute we end up buying the cars with our money. If you are not emotionally strong, you can’t do this work, because people will throw shade at you. Especially if their contestant did not win and vice visa. We have developed thick skin. This business is not for the weak.

LVM: You have given and still giving to the society, how has society given back to you in appreciation of your good works?

STARGUYS: (smile and sign)Hmmmm society, well some individual who thinks we have done good job gave us awardsand we are grateful for that

LVM: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

STARGUYS: We want to be a household name, we want to help more people and give better platform. We want to be a global brand.

LVM: Are you guys camera shy.

STARGUYS: I’m not shy ( Joseph) and I’m sure my twin brother here is not shy. We are shy in doing bad thingsthough(cut-in)

LVM: Will you like to share these things?

STARGUYS 🙁 smile) Tomi, share bad things, well we will pass but there is something funny I’m shy to do and that’s going to club except we there for business. We do all the parties in our house.

LVM: can you remember any memorable moment with your fan?

STARGUY:I remember a lady that caused a serious hold –up because she wants to snap picture with us she didn’t give a damn about the hold up all she wants a picture and that was all we were embarrassed.

LVM : what is fashion to you guys?

STARGUYS: Fashion is anything we wear and it’s fine on us .our fashion designer create our kind of style.

LVM: What is the fashion item you can’t do without?

STARGUYS 🙁 Joseph)I don’t like accessory even wristwatches, I don’t wear.

Emmanuel: I don’t like accessory as well.

LVM: If you are not into this business. What would you have being?

JOSEPH: I would have been an artiste, I love to draw, I stopped 7 years, I was into photography too.

LVM: This is a game, what colour will you wear white, red, black, pink

JOSEPH: Black and white

EMMANUEL: I will choose black &white also. We love the same colour.

LVM: What do you want to say to people looking up to you?

JOSEPH: They should just be passionate about anything they choose to do. They should be hardworking and pray for grace.

EMMANUEL: I will say this same thing. Hard work pays they should be hardworking.

LVM: Thanks for your time, its nice having you as our Entertainment stars for November. Keep up the good works.

STARGUYS: Thanks for having us Tomi. Thank you for your patience.