LaVeronica Magazine: The Journey Through A Decade

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LaVeronica Magazine: The Journey Through A Decade

So much can happen in ten years. Relationships can be made and lost, lifelong establishments can be built, children can be born and youngsters grow into adulthood. The latter has been the case with us at La Veronica.

In 2011, the La Veronica brand evolved from being just another modelling agency that helped young girls and men to find their voice through showcasing fashion, into a quality lifestyle print magazine which would later grow to become one of the leading voices on the scene.

The vision was birthed by the cognoscente Madam Veronica Isioma Okei-Somefun who has functioned so effectively and efficiently as the publisher of the magazine and CEO of the La Veronica brand body. As the visionary, the “Pink Lady” — as many of us call her — has consistently performed excellently at being a leader by sharing this vision to first the promoter, then the team and then to you, our amazing reader.

You see, we didn’t just want to be another compilation of gloss papers that you would read at a newsstand on a Sunday morning. That was not the plan. And this is why we took a unique approach towards publishing our twelve editions of the magazine so far. With pink, white and grey as our anchor colours, La Veronica magazine has over the past decade been able to deliver journalism using one-of-a-kind style of storytelling.

Our writers and editors are know to tell the stories that matter to you the most from unique point of views and using the language you understand. This is because we understand from the beginning that we are here — not just to express our art in writing, or for commercial reasons, but to show the whole world Africa’s beauty and the lifestyle of her celebrities.

So far, with big appreciation to our promoter, International Woman of Courage and one of Nigeria’s foremost human rights activists/president of Women Arise Initiative, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin who has shown us credible and consistent support over the past ten years — we have been able to never stop doing journalism the way it should be done.

This is why ten years is a big deal for us. We have put tremendous work into building our brand digitally and traditionally up to this point and all for our readers. Even beyond a pat on the back, I believe we deserve to be celebrated.


This is exactly why we are saying cheers to ten years of being great, cheers to ten years of telling the best and most important lifestyle stories in Africa, cheers to building popular culture, cheers to consistency, cheers to life and cheers to even more greatness to come.


The future is pink, and we are ready to paint the whole world with it!