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Van Dijk Reveals Why He Chose Liverpool Over EPL Rivals



Liverpool defender, Virgil Van Dijk has revealed the reason why he chose the Reds over any other big club.

The Dutch man who arrived Anfield for reported fee of around 75 million pounds, is expected to line-up against Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Kiev On Saturday.

The former Southampton defender has lifted lid on his decision to join Liverpool despite having offers from other clubs.

Van Dijk said: ‘I never really go to big games to watch as a fan, but I was in Cardiff,’ Van Dijk said. ‘The sponsors (Sony) hooked us up with two fantastic seats and it was two hours from where I used to live so we thought, “Let’s go.”

‘From the moment I got there a lot of people in hospitality were Liverpool fans and they were saying, ‘Join, please join.’

‘It was funny to see how big the support and fan base of Liverpool is. ‘That sort of thing stays with you. Influence? That is a big word, but it does something to you.

‘There was a lot of attention on myself. There had been a lot of talk about different clubs at that time. ‘It could have been different fans coming up to me and saying, ‘Come to us’ but 90 per cent of the supporters were Liverpool.

‘That says a lot and the people who were with me were like, ‘Woah, there are so many Liverpool fans, it is all over the world’. It was incredible.’