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Two sewage staff die inside soakaway pit in Aba



Residents of Aba in Abia state are still in shock over the death of two sewage staff, who were found dead in a soakaway pit.

The deceased identified as Orji and Chimamkpa were working with a popular sewage disposal company in Aba, and had gone to carry out their normal duties at No.176 Azikiwe Road in Aba when they met their untimely death.

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There are no claer details on the cause of their deaths but there are speculations that the man slipped into the pit, and could not get out as they was no one to help them out of the pit’s manhole.

A resident named Ndubuisi narrated to the Nation: “The incident happened so sudden, it was like a magic. When the one outside fell back into the soak away pit, people thought he would come out with his colleague. But after waiting for a while none of them came out, people around decided to break the cover of the soak away pit only to find the two men dead and police were called in immediately.”