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Thrill of Breathing



Sitting at my doorstep, gazing at moving clouds
There came a thought of a story, of a timeline called life
How its changes and waits for no one, making circles that drift humans apart.
Some say life itself is a race, while others say it’s a course
It’s a contest to conquer, a fight that should be won
All depends on the power that dwells within each body
Each soul makes its bid, but the inner power elects

Questions keeps rising, is it worth the buzz?
What should we make out of this race, an unpredictable series?
Each action being scripted, every scenes being watched
Yet revealing, leaving each soul with a story to tell
Thoughts of unravelling the deepest mysteries engulfs each mortal
Yet they say itself life is a tutor, who can define it better?
An aged mind or rather from a youth’s might

It’s like a blindfolded touch on an Elephant; One’s goal might be the other’s discard
Life is what you make of it, each phase set to thrill
Dreams become reality, fading fires are rekindled
Some deigns to surmount, others stand to triumph.

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