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It has been proven, that style is a way of showing one’s confidence, identity and personality. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak_Rachel Zoe. In a world, where everyone wants to showcase their style, how do you stand out? The only way to stand out is having a “GREAT STYLE”. Here, are some few tips on how you can achieve a great style.

Firstly, you have to note that fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable but style is more about being yourself. What’s my style cannot be your style and you can’t define it. It is something that expresses who I am in my own way – it is how I choose to appear, be recognized and what I choose to stand for. This brings me to my second point.

Create your own visual style; let it be unique for yourself and yet, identifiable for others. In having a great style, you have to be creative, bringing in that extraordinary spice. You are not copying  others but creating your own. You should know what type of fashion you love and how you like to appear. Try to know what type of outfits fit different ocassions and how to style them to your taste.

Another thing is self confidence. This is what carries and buttressses your style. Acknowledging that you have a great style and being proud of yourself is what brings about your self confidence, which gives you carriage to showcase that style to the world. In this way only can people recognize your style, apreciate it and admire it.

Furthermore, employ the use of charisma. When you have charisma, you are not easily influenced by others style, instead, they are being influenced by yours. This gives you a sense of having a great appearance, it helps you to be bold wherever you go and you don’t feel inferior. You are not trying to change yourself just to fit in or feel among. Rather, you are doing your best to be yourself and the willpower to uphold this principle lies in your charisma.

Also, learn to accept your body type. Everyone should be happy with how God created them- whether slim or fat, short or tall. We should love ourselves just the way we are, knowing that we are beautiful however we are. Don’t ever feel shy of appearing in public, because you are scared that your body type does not fit the norm. You should know that we all cannot look the same and that’s what makes us beautiful in our own unique way. According to fashion expert and former owner of Givenchy, Hubert de Givenchy, the dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following tne shape of the dress. Of course, the principle applies to both genders.

Lastly, develop a good dress sense. This is crucial in building a great style. You should know what dress is suitable for every mood, occassion or season.  It is common sense not to wear a gym oufit to church and vice versa. Have a good taste when it comes to selecting your wears. Knowing what pair of shoes, or other accessories to match your outfit or what colour combination is presentable is a great start. However you choose to appear- simple or elaborate, keep it in mind to look the best you can. It goes without saying to appear neat and modest as it is rudimentary to making an impression.

With this enlightenment, before you pick your next outfit, think again, try to see your personality and fashion your style accordingly. Why not go ahead and show the world who you really are. Remember fashion fades, style is eternal.

Promise Naomi Praise