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Social Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – Ahmed Olayinka



In a generation where everything needed and wanted seem to just be only available at our fingertips, but also juggling for importance and attention, we are becoming more social than ever in trying to either strike a balance of interest or been pressured to get our needs and wants met.

In Africa, being through with one’s studies raises the expectations of family and friends high. It may mean that at least, one should have seen a few things to be engaged with and in, in order to sort out a few needs. So, been pressured to meet your needs is a daily task everyone is saddled with.

It’s not farfetched to know the reason why millions of young people across the world seem to have found a zone where the need is met. As young people, and this is me speaking from a social media expert point of view (Twitter precisely), I realized that the things that happen to us and the things we make happen are not clearly distinguished. Online, there are two kinds of people, people who MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, and others who INFLUENCE WHAT’S HAPPENING. Either is profitable and time consuming, rewarding and at the same time draining.

Given the political downturn and its effect on the economy, many of us are becoming closer to our devices, exploring applications that can more or less ease us of the pain of irregularities before us. The media platforms are therefore the environment that float our boat.

I am also well aware of the overwhelming ability of the social media platforms in influencing mass behavior via the text, images and videos we’re inundated with on a daily basis with contents charming and driving our attention and consequently, our resources. Twitter, as a case study, is highly effective in demonstrative campaigns that have influenced mass behaviour online (It won a national election in my county).

We may get odd with circumstances we can’t control externally, but with a device, good network and our solitude, we get even with ourselves.

In conclusion, Social media has gone past being just a tool for social interaction; the tool now strongly affect the economical & political development or non-development of any system. Alas! Youths in a failing system have a non conventional avenue to attaining the financial stability needed to reach their goals. In a generation choking from the influx of influences, a social CPR is the best solution.



Author: Ahmed Olayinka (@GalacticoHD) – A digital media strategist with core competence in managing social media campaigns/reputations of brands (large scale & small scale), public figures and organizations.

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