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PSG 2-1 Liverpool: Angry Jurgen Klopp Hits Back At Ref, Opponent



Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp is angry over antics by Neymar and other Paris St-Germain players after a 2-1 loss to the French giants on Wednesday.

The referee who officiated the game, Szymon Marciniak from Poland, was also not spared from Klopp’s wrath.

Marciniak gave out eight cards, six to Liverpool players, with Klopp’s side conceding 20 fouls, compared to PSG’s 12.

After pulling one back, Liverpool could not find the much-needed equaliser, with PSG players taking their time in getting back to their feet after fouls.

“I know it will be the headline,” Klopp said, “but the number of interruptions in the game was not cool.

“We won the fair play award two times in England and tonight we looked like butchers with the number of yellow cards.

“It was clever of PSG, especially Neymar, but a lot of other players went down like there was something serious.

“We were not that calm anymore, rather frustrated and negative frustration does not help. That is a job for us to deal with.”

With just 24 minutes played, Marco Verratti lunged in high with studs up to catch Gomez high on the shin, and the referee immediately reached for his pocket, only to brandish a yellow card.

And Klopp shifted his attention to the referee, “Everybody has eyes, everybody could see it but it is only a story if I see it. I don’t believe that.

“For me, it is a red card, but it changes nothing. I do not care, I had a very good view of it and it was for sure not just another yellow card.”

After protesting for about two minutes, Liverpool got a penalty which was initially ruled for a corner. James Milner converted the spot kick to give Liverpool their only goal on the night.

“I saw the penalty, it was inside the box but he didn’t even give a foul,” said Klopp. “I have no idea why it was a late decision. It was not even a foul for him. Unbelievable.”