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PMB Promises New minimum Wage, Presents 2019 Budget



President Muhammadu Buhari is currently presenting the 2019 budget. The budget presentation is currently ongoing and President Buhari has proposed a budget of  N8.83 trillion for 2019. President Buhari, during the budget proposal, promised a new minimum wage which he said will help maintain jobs for the teaming unemployed. President Buhari said he would set up a special committee to look into the current fiasco concerning the minimum wage and come up with adeas of reducing debt and yet, increasing the minimum wage. Meanwhile, lawmakers booed the president as he made his budget proposal, especially when he mentions areas where his administration has channeled development to. President Buhari, during the budget presentation, thanked the armed forces for protecting the country. According to him, “We thank the Armed Forces and Security Agencies for their efforts and sacrifices in protecting the nation. We have also made many efforts to enhance transparency and accountability in public service delivery.” President Buhari also said that the inflation rate has declined. “Inflation has declined from 18.2% in January to 11.28% in November. Foreign Capital Influence has also improved.” The president said, “Trading is a significant contributor to our country’s economy. But we must strengthen other areas such as Information Technology and Entertainment; all hands must be on deck to ensure the country succeeds.” “In Agriculture, we are seeing increased investments in all areas of the sector. Indeed, we are on course to achieve good security in the nearest future.” “We also prioritized the completion of already ongoing projects as opposed to starting new ones.