PINK Awards Is 8 Times Stronger

PINK Awards Is 8 Times Stronger
Years ago, it was a dream that seemed impossible to the dreamer as someone who is an ardent lover of the color pink and also a very selfless and loving person who stops at nothing to make sure that the people in her life are happy.
It is these beautiful traits in this sincere, witty and iconic person who is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous personality bestowed upon the world that brought about the birth of our most prestigious PINK Awards that turns eight in the year 2021.
It is with a joyous heart and utmost gratitude that we are saying a resounding thank you to our promoter in the person of our own loving Woman of Courage, who is also our timeless most dogged Icon of Democracy, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin who is usually going out of her entire comfort zone to make sure that our PINK Awards continues to be successful and a huge force to reckon with.
Eight years down this road and we are also of immense gratitude to our recipients and awardees for being great influences on society, to all our media partners and brand supporters, our global audience, fans and well wishers. We appreciate how you have stayed through time even when things tried to go south.
We are strong and getting stronger because you believe in the vision of the CEO of PINK Awards International, Pink Lady Veronica Isioma Okei-Somefun who doesn’t stop letting the team know how much she loves them.
Our prayer is that you continue to live in peace, harmony and earnest love with yourself and immediate society as it is in togetherness and believing in one another that we’ll sure make the world a better place — regardless of our tribe, race, religion and difference in political ideologies.
Stay bright knowing that we love you at Pink Awards!