It’s one of the special months of the year lovelies,it’s August and I pray it bring us a special blessing. Our august personality this month is no other person than the stellar actress,very good at what she does, you can’t but stan a great actress like her and fortunately we sat with her some days ago in an exclusive interview with OtekunrinOluwatomi of La veronica Magazine.

You sure don’t want to miss the mind blowing interview with the very talented Nollywood actress Scarlet Gomez.

 LVM:           Was acting intentional for you?

 SCARLET:             (Smiles) I have always known that I will do entertainment. My sister,I went for audition so much that sometimes I left home without brushing but will take my brush and toothpaste and the brush at the audition venue(smiles). Sometimes I leave home by 5am just to get to audition venue earlier than others. Fortunately, I went for Africa magic audition and I was called for the major role. Infact the movie was named after me, it was called “Scarlet” and I was very excited. It was a great start and platform for me.

LVM:                     How did you earn the trust of film makers as a green horn?

SCARLET:             Smart question (smiles) starting with Africa magic original movie playing the lead character was such a big deal,I gave my all, like I have been doing till now. When giving a script, I become the character. To God be the glory, over the years I have given all my roles everything it takes to bring it to live and I’m always happy at all the feedback I get from all the movies.

Early stage wasn’t easybut I pull through and the good part is that I  get better at each job.

LVM:                     Behind successful Nollywood finest Mrs. Gomez,there is Mr.Gomez, tell us about the contribution of your husband to the success of your career.

SCARLET:             You see this question, is the best question (smiles) my husband is the best man in the world, he is my backbone, a lover, a great guy, my real G. He’s everything a woman want in a man. Mr. Temi Gomez is the best thing that has happened to me, he held my hands through dark and good time in our marriage. See, na man be Mr Gomez,it’s been 5years but it feels like yesterday. My husband is a good man with a sweet heart I think I should stop here (smiles)

LVM:                     Talking about the dark time in your marriage, how did you handle that time that it didn’t affect your career like it might in some people’s case.

SCARLET:             In life women should marry a good man, when I lost my baby at birth, my husband lost one of his family as well, he went to bury the baby on the father’s day. It wasn’t any easy moment and I remember I lost one of my family as well It wasn’t funny, I was about loosing my mind.Thankfully, after two weeks I went back to work with stitches from child birth but you see that good man held my hand and he supports me till tomorrow. I didn’t look at anyone, I just want to get back to work

LVM:                     What is the craziest rumor you’re heard about you?

SCARLET:             You see in this world, no matter had good you are some people will still peddle rumors about you. what names have I not been called some people call me a bitch, they said I sleep with producers for roles, In fact some people think I lost my baby because of work, that I don’t stay in a place, can you imagine I can go on and on but the only thing I haven’t heard is that I disrespect anyone. I treat everyone with respect. One thing I have is a thick skin, after all the rumor, I don’t let it affect me because I don’t care about any rumor.

 LVM:           What does fashion means to you?

SCARLET:             Fashion means comfort, I’m not in school of thought of “fashion is pain” anything I wear must be very comfortable, that’s why most time you see me with my jeans and snickers.

LVM:           What is the fashion item you can’t do without?

SCARLET:             I can’t do without my wedding ring (smiles) the way I flaunt my wedding ring, I always want to show I’m married to the best man in the world.

I love my lip-gloss too, I carry it around

LVM:           What are your reservation about the Nollywood?

SCARLET:             So many but will just keep it simple. Actors do a lot of work but are paid very little especially the crew, these guys get to set before anyone and they are paid little as well, some actors shout on them and treat them with so much disdain. It’s also stressful being a celebrity you can’t drive carefully in the night and tell policemen that you are coming from set, they think you are a prostitute and demand a lot of money.

Actors deserve to be treated well in the society, crews should be well remunerated, they work too hard. Old actors should be taken care off, I feel bad whenever we have to contribute for actors, sometimes I  wonder what  actors guild are doing to a lot of salient issues in the industry. You see I said I will make it simple and I’m talking too much already just because my reservations are quite much but still nollywood is not doing great. we are thriving.

LVM:                     What message do you have for your fans and people looking up to you?
SCARLET:             To my fans, you guys are the very best, I love you, I  see your comments and feedback every time , you are all amazing and to those looking up to me, there is no shortcut anywhere follow the process , be hard working  and consistent.

LVM:                     What should we expect from the Beautiful Scarlet Gomez ?

SCARLET:             So many, working on a lot of project which I wouldn’t want to talk about

LVM:           Can you mention your favorite nollywood actor

SCARLET:             (Smiles) I have quite a lot though I Love the legendary actors, see the list is endless.

LVM:           Thank you for your time.

SCARLET:   My pleasure always. Thanks for coming Tomi.