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OAK TV Apologizes To Lai Mohammed Over N3.5 million To Feed El-Zakzaky Comment



The media house responsible for publishing the video of Lai Muhammed saying the FG spends over N3.5 million to feed Shiite leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky has apologised to the Minister of Information.
In its apology published online, OAK TV said the minister spoke off the record, but somehow the clip found its way to the internet. The apology stated that it has sanctioned its reporters for breach of journalism code of ethics, as the minister had spoken off record with the reporters.
“On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, Oak TV made some error in its reporting regarding a conversation with the Minister of Information. This is an error which we regret.
All team members involved have been sanctioned, and we would do more to tighten our gatekeeping responsibilities. We apologise and regret any embarrassment this might have caused the Minister” the statement said.
In the video that went viral on social media, Lai Mohammed told journalists he was speaking off record and said.
“The issue of whether, where he (Mr El-Zakzaky) is, at least let’s keep it off record, that he is in a residence and you know eating at the. It costs the government about N3.5 million every month to feed him”.