WITH MUBARAK OLALEKAN BAKARE (Tallest Model in sub-Saharan
Africa)LALEKAN BAKARE (Tallest Model in sub-Sahara Africa).

AUDIENCE……. MUBARAK OLALEKAN BAKARE (Tallest model in subSahara Africa)

It is okay to be tall, it is an amazing thing to be taller and being the tallest model
in sub-Sahara Africa is entirely different kettle of fish .With a height as much as
6ft9’; sure that cause for an ‘OMG’!!! Stick around with us as we unveil our
entertainment star for the month May.
• Let us make welcome, Bakare Olalekan Mubarak; the tallest model in subSahara Africa, in exclusive an interview with Otekunrin Oluwatomi of LA
VERONICA MAGAZINE, where He speaks about his modelling career, his passion for art and the African culture, among other things.
You don’t want to miss this mind blowing session with Mubarak, join us.!!!
LVM: What does being the tallest Man in sub-Sahara Africa feels like?
MUBARAK: (smiles) Trust me, it a very good feeling of ecstasy . It feels really amazing to know that I’m taller than every other person. I am so excited about this,
though it comes with it’s numerous undisclosed challenges, which are not so
known to people (Smiles).
LVM: Can u let us into some of these “undisclosed challenges”?
MUBARAK: (Laughs out)….There are quite a number of them, but just to mention a few. My inability to rise my hands like any other person When ever I’m
close to the ceiling fan is one disturbing issue . Also, I have to take a lot of precautions whenever I’m to enter unfamiliar places, simply because of my
height. Furthermore, Often time whenever I have to travel by air, I do sit at the  exit of the plane because of the length of my legs that won’t be comfortable else  where with in the Cabin . Though am not complaining (Giggles!!!) but I’m
enjoying being taller than everyone.
LVM: Waoh! That’s an amazing one. Aside modelling, what else do you do?
MUBARAK: Well…. I am an Actor. I started my acting career in the year 2010 /2011 there about . I was just 15 years of age as at that time. LVM: Can you tell
us the movies where you were featured?
MUBARAK: I was a cast in “The Red house 7” , by Olusegun Ogunsanwo .I was one of the seven junior boys in “The Red house”. My Cast name was “Tos”. I
featured in survival of “Jelili” in 2017/2018. Lastly, I was a member of Cast in the movie “When Love is Not Enough” by Lolo. But frankly speaking, if you ask me, I prefer being involved in Commercial Advertisements anytime any day than movie Productions; it can be very stressful but, commercials are better.
Furthermore, I am also an entrepreneur and a creative person.
LVM: Tell us about the companies whose commercial’s you have worked on?
MUBARAK: There are quite a number of them if I may say(Smiles). I have been
opportuned to worked with African fashion week London, Glo, Top Tea, Zenith
bank, TAX Apparel and so on and so forth p to mention a few.
LVM: Is modelling all about walking on the runway and taking fine pictures, tell us
about the challenges?
MUBARAK: (smiles) The work is more tedious than just walking on the runway as perceived by so many people . Personally, in my opinion, modelling is not the ultimate for me….It’s just the means to an end and not the end in its self . It’s a strategic means of positioning myself for a global audience.
LVM: Tell us about your pet projects as “Mr. Kwara” and what you intend to
achieve with your influence as the tallest man in the sub-Sahara Africa?
MUBARAK: My project has always been to propagate unity, progress, and
solidarity across the world and especially with the African Continents has brought
me quite a number of accolades , as I was awarded the” African youth
Ambassador” by the Prestigious African Achiever’s Award. This was an Award Ceremony that was named by Forbes as a Prestigious Ceremony on the African Continent. I am in charged as a youth to project the African Continent in a better
light. For me, it is not about being picture perfect, but a whole lots of other work. These my humanitarian activities have taken me to different parts of the world, especially within the African continent. Recently, I was at Kenya. There I saw the
largest slump ever. This was precisely in “Nairobi County’’. There my perception of life became revolutionized. I began to perceive life differently. I
became more passionate about promoting the African cultural Heritage. Ranging from her fashion, cuisine, arts, music and many more. I have been privileged to work with traditional rulers like The Great Ooni of Ife,who happens to be one of the Grand Patrons for my initiative “Photo Waka Series” which showcases the beauty of Africa. I was quite glad working with Alake of Egba land and Olubadan.
LVM: Tell us about your educational background?
MUBARAK: I schooled in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara state. I bagged a Bsc degree in Accounting at Al-Hikmah university, It is a private University, I had my National youth services in Bayelsa state. Later ,I redeployed to Lagos. I was the tallest corper in Nigeria as at time when I had my National Youth services.
LVM: What does life mean to you?
MUBARAK: Whatever happened in the physical must have happened in the
subconscious. The greatness of a plant is embedded in the little seeds.
Imperatively, we are what we think. Hence, whatever we think can come to pass.
• LVM: How do you cope with ladies, considering the fact that you are very
tall, dark and handsome. Especially, your strong female fans?
MUBARAK: (smiles) I am a ladies’ man . This is because they come around me a lot. I don’t even need to say much. I cherish their love for me as a brand and I set boundaries, I don’t rush things when I am ready I will be in a relationship but for
now I am more focused with work. I don’t snub them , rather I mingle with them
but there are boundaries.
LVM: What is your take About the last ENDSARS protest and the state of the nation?
MUBARAK: The last ENDSARS protest was a fantastic movement and I love the fact that Nigerian youth are not sleeping on our right. It is painful that we lost some people but the labour of our heroes will definitely not be in vain. Together we shall
continue the struggle for a better Nigeria by demanding for our right.               
LVM: Thank you so much for your time it was nice having you as our
ENTERTAINMENT STAR for the month of May.
MUBARAK: Thank you for having me, I love La Veronica magazine you guys are doing a good job. I appreciate  this feature.

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