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Man discovers that four-year-old son was fathered by wife’s lecturer



A Zimbabwean man has discovered that his four-year-old son is not actually his but that of his wife’s lecturer.

According to iHarare, Lovemore Mlambo had always suspected that the boy wasn’t his son, because he didn’t bear any resemblance to him. He had also refused to register the birth of the boy due to the same reason.

This prompted him to eventually do a DNA test, which confirmed his suspicions.  The DNA revealed that he wasn’t the biological father of the boy.

Mlambo also revealed that he had come across messages on his wife’s phone from another man who invited her for drinks and lunch.

He confessed that his love for his wife deteriorated after the birth of the child. According to Lovemore, the child bears resemblance to his wife’s lecturer, whom he assumes bedded his wife.

In response, Angel refused to identify the real father of the child, instead stating that she had been faithful to her husband since they have been together.

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