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Marriage is a beauteous union ordained by God. It is precious bond formed between a man and a woman. Marriage from every angle is a delightful journey between two opposite sex who are in love. At first the journey could be so sweet ,fun-filled but as time goes on, the initial love starts derailing. Could one say because they are from different background? In our society today marriage is being overrated ,the proposed plans of embarking on that journey is not being met by the partners involved which could lead to issues in marriage.
Obviously ,I think love is not enough to sustain a marriage. If love is enough ,why then do people fight and get divorced?.I know about a couple ,their Marriage is nothing to write home about,they fight and hurl insults at each other at every slightest provocation. I see example of a gloomy marriage,hashtags and hatred is spelt out in that home,no form of value or respect. Their marriage got me thinking. I also feel that in our society today ,men are moved by sight ,while women are moved by what they hear.People actually no longer have an ideal home,which could atleast make you know the kind of spouse to choose,majority tend to join the bandwagon of people to hop into available spouse.

Looking at the world diaspora ,love at a point fails. On very rare and special occasions, we see couples celebrate a 50th anniversary of marriage. So many factors have to fall into place for a couple to make it 5 decades .
To me, these factors could be:
1.DETERMINATION: The both parties have to be resilient and tenacious enough to go through all odds in marriage. The fragile nature of humans make it hard for couples to conquer the upheavals in marriage, but with strong mind and determination, the journey seems fair.

2. SACRIFICE: Marriage on its own is embedded on Sacrifice. Selflessness should be the bedrock of that union. When both parties join their perceptions together ,the marriage comes out beautiful.
3.COMPASSION AND EMPATHY: The impact of compassion and empathy cannot be over emphasised in marriage. Christ on his own laid his life for mankind. In marriage both parties must be empathetic ,feel each other’s pains, carry each other’s burdens, then get ready to profer solutions to any problem that may spring up.
Aside the aforementioned points,there are other factors that could lead to a long lasting marriage; sex, humility, patience, forgiveness etc.

In fact trust and respect are what drive love, passion and sex in marriage.
There are some marriages I thought were blissful, but ended up in chaos and then divorce. While, there are couples that would make me wonder how the heck they ended up together, but are still getting on strong after decades of marriage.
All these have made me realise no one except for the two people in the marriage know why it works or why it doesn’t.
Conclusively, people should be married to the right spouse to have an ideal home. It is with an ideal spouse that a beautiful union could be achieved and marriage would look like it.