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His name is OluwatobiAyodele Lawrence Smith but you are sure not familiar with that name but you all know PETERU the comedian, one of the hot and evolving comedians in the entertainment industry.

He is a breath of fresh air to start within 2022 as our first entertainment star in the new year. He shared his career, passion, and life nuggets with OTEKUNRIN OLUWATOMI LA VERONICA MAGAZINE recently in an exclusive interview. You sure wouldn’t want to miss this interesting and highly informativemoment with this entertainment star……..Come along guys.

LVM: what was growing up like for you?

PETERU: growing up was fun,I enjoyed it initially,my mum was a nurse and my dad a banker at the then Afri Bank,so I was a big boy until my dad lost his job and I have to queue to get my lunch in a public school. Omo,it wasn’t funny at all considering I was already chilling with the boys(smiles).

But I blend eventually and here we are today thanking God for his mercy.

LVM: Did you find comedy or Comedy found you? Was it intentional?

Peteru: it’s a long story though it has always been comedy, though  I didn’t know what it was at that time.My sister,I hustled for real,I try playing football abroad but it didn’t work out,I was a founding member of Explicit Dancers but during rehearsals, my own way of counting the leg works was always different and very funny and everyone likes it,at a pointI started narration for royal dancers, which I did backstage before we started the play. I remembered a particular one we did at RCCG, it was electrifying and people stood up and started clapping, they were curious to know whose voice was that though I was discovered by Mc solid, took me everywhere and taught  me a lot of things. So happy to have met mc solid he’s such a sweet soul.

LVM: Where did you get the name “peteru” because it is obviously not from your name.

Peteru: (smiles) Good question, we were at an event in Ilorin and the mc that was to anchor the event was held up in traffic, these mc are SACO and Firstborn, if you know them, you will know they know their onions. Mc solid was there and some of my guys are like “Oya, come and do all those things you do at rehearsals, they reminded me of how funny those things were. I have that 3310phone with some funny ringing tone back then if you remember and I went to the front, lo and behold I performed well, I didn’t even know the MCs are around and when I was done I kid you not they thought I was an Mc like for real. They both thank me for holding it down for them, so it was the event that mc solid introduced me as mc peteru, there was a joke I did then, it is still a best seller and I intend to bring it back, it’s about the passion of Christ, I bought the CD of the passion of Christ which was in English and I was speaking Yoruba to subtitle it more of what they do now to Telemundo movies in Yoruba. I performed this joke and everywhere scattered. Mc solid was very excited because I did so well.

LVM: What year did this happen?

Peteru: All this happened immediately I dropped out of Uniad now EKSU (EkitiState University) like 2006/2007

LVM: Why did you drop out of school?

Peteru: Cultism, it was on the rise then and I left all my things in school, I took only my international passport

LVM: What were you studying before you left?

Peteru: Computer Science education and before going to Eksu I already did my OND (Purchasing & Supplying) at Poly Ibadan and I went back for HND just for the certificate but I will still go back to study what I love to do.

LVM: What course do you love?

Peteru: Theatre Art Oh! I love theatre art or performing art and I will still study the course by this HIS grace God sparing my life. I will now do my master in tech because I love anything ‘tech’ too. Let me go back to the name peteru even after mc solid called me out with the name. I coin out this is what peteru means Presenting Extraordinary Tactical Entertainment Radically Undisputed so many people think I’m peteru and so they think I just want to be funny with peteru but my name is OluwatobiAyodele Lawrence Nifemi Smith, from Ondo state.

LVM: What was your experience as a greenhorn in the industry even with the support of somebody like mc solid.

Peteru: With the acceptance of people like SACO, firstborn and my dear mc solid from an Ibadan boy that came to Lagos, I remember staying with SACO for like 3 months and that was where I got my first 100k, I didn’t spend the money because I didn’t believe it was mine (smiles)I was just enjoying the ride, going with them for an event but they told me I need to perform one day and I did. I later left Lagos.

LVM: Why did you leave Lagos?

Peteru: Because I had to take the goodness back to my people as I told you I’m in Lagos every other weekend performing, I don’t have to live here, I just love Ibadan.

LVM: Do you think creatives from Ibadan are undercelebrated

Peteru: True, you just hit the nail on the head, we do more than these Lagos guys, I can say it with my full chest, I have been at an event where some comedians just recycle jokes, trust me,Tomi, it’s not easy to make Ibadan people laugh, comedians here, we are always on our toes, that’s why Ibadan comedians blow when they get to Lagos, let me mention names (smiles) –Arole, Asiri,MC lively, Lepacious Bose, Papaya x( the influencer) even kiekie (I can go on and on)  whenever I’m here in Lagos, they are always like “Peteru is mad, what is he bringing this time”(smiles)

LVM: Were you pressured when you started?

Peteru: I think I was the one that put pressure on myself because I needed to do more and deliver good jokes, another was lack of funds I needed money because I had a lot of ideas that require money but thank God for SACO, he did my first complimentary card, made my first suit, Alibaba saw me, GbengaAdeyinka took me to all his shows, I enjoyed the love and acceptance from all of them and I’m still enjoying it.

LVM: In all of this what was your parent’s take?

Peteru: At first they didn’t like it, remember back then our parents wants us to be doctors, lawyers, pilotsand this was me who left school and was doing comedy all around when our neighbour’s children were having graduation and your parents start comparing you to them,trust me I hate when you compare me to someone else but the story has changed the same comedy is doing a lot for my family,thanks for my Sister and mum who stood by me from the start.I love my mum a lot,I wish she can leave forever.I just want her to be at my 90th birthday and then I can let her go then.

LVM: Do people take comedians serious?

PETERU: is like you know,people don’t take comedians serious most time,some people think all we do is a joke and that can  sometimes hurt,even to a serious matter like relationship(cut-in)

LVM: Maybe they are getting a serious relationship vibe of a thing?

PETERU: Even people who are not comedians can give such vibes but because I’m a comedian you think I’m not serious,some ladies like the joke part but some don’t give a damn about you,some will even size you up.Tomi,you see your gender can be overly dramatic.

LVM: Talking about relationships,what kind of woman do you find irresistible?

PETERU: These your question gan(smiles)I’m a sharp person not necessarily a figure 8 or thick person,all I want is someone who will give me peace of mind. I love peace a lot.

LVM: why do men talk a lot about peace of mind,are women that troublesome?

PETERU: (laughs) some are just troublesome while we have great and trouble-free ones out there.

LVM: It’s 2022,what should we be expecting from the PETERU BRAND this year?

PETERU: A lot is coming this year,you guys aren’t ready,you should watch out for my tour soon,this February,my flagship show PETERU UNLEASHED is going to be loud in Ibadan,you guys shouldn’t miss for any reason in the world,I have a new show on radio as well,I have been away from radio for some time now,I don’t want to mention the name of the radio though,it’s an urban radio in Ibadan.

This year we are rising the platform that raised the likes of the NEPA BOYS,REMOTE,OLUKONI……this comedy club is something special to me,I was the first to start that comedy club in Ibadan around 2010,2011 even at that time comedians come from Lagos to perform.We are starting all over again,PETERU has been quiet for some time now but your boy is back with a bang and a banger(laughs ).

LVM: As a pioneer of a comedy club in Ibadan,what can you say about Ibadan talents?

PETERU: Ibadan talents are doing so well,I think the government are not really encouraging us that much SanwoOlu is encouraging Lagos talents,our governor is trying though by giving us a vibrant commissioner for Youth and sport which we are grateful for and he is doing so well but he can do more with the love of the creatives from the governor. We need more love from him,during the 2021 end of the year party in 2021,apart from YinkaAyefele most of the entertainers are from Lagos while we have so many entertainers here in Ibadan.Oyo State government should celebrate and encourage Ibadan creatives.

LVM: on a final note,what do you have to say to your fans?

PETERU: They should keep supporting me and I really love my fans.This 2022 is going to be a bang,Peteru Unleashed is in a few days,you all should come and see this great show.

LVM: Thanks for your time.

PETERU: My pleasure,well done.