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The big brother Naija lockdown season has come and gone but the name “Prince” remains unforgettable in our memories as his charisma and personality get a lot of people talking during and after the show. Call him one of the most talked about and you are not wrong as he is one of the exceptional housemates of his season.There is practically nothing this dude cannot do; he is obviously the polymaths of the lockdown season. Since he left the BBN house, he has been breaking boundaries in Nollywood, event hosting and recently opening his saloon,and it’s our pleasure to celebrate this great guy as our entertainment star this month of May.Comealong, enjoy this beautiful and insightful moment with Prince Nelson Enwerem as he spoketo Otekunrin Oluwatomi of La Veronica magazine in an exclusive interview.

LVM: –       Before the Face of University, Mr. Nigeria, and BIG Brother Nigeria” who is Nelson Enwerem?

PRINCE:    Nelson was a young man, who is versatile and thinks he can do anything that it’s just a matter of time; I believe so much in the fact that I should know something about everything.

LVM: –       Was modeling intentional?

PRINCE:    As a matter of fact, modelling isn’t intentional I remember back on campus I was chastised in my department for always dressing well,some of my lecturers think I should be in theatre Art. Everyone dressed like nerds in my department but not me,I just love to look good. I studied pure physics in the University of Calabar. So back to the modeling question, someone met me on campus and asked if I was a model as he has noticed how I dress, he gave me a flier and he told me he was the coordinator of Cross-River State for FACE OF UNIVERSITY, and I didn’t read it until 2 days after. When I saw 500k for the winner, I reached out to my sister at home about the pageant “Face of University” I went to check the IG handle, I got to know that the immediate past winner was from my department, and I was encouraged by my elder sister and that was the first time I came to Lagos myself.

LVM: –       Can you remember the name of the man? Who gave you the flier?

PRINCE:    Yes, his name is Mr. Lewis Edet.

LVM: –       What was your experience at “Face of University?”

PRINCE: –  I love the experience, I didn’t know it’s that big, most of the universities were well represented ; since that time I’ve been trying to be social because they started inviting me for shows.

LVM:         So, you are not a social person?

PRINCE:    I’ m an extremely shy person, I’m a loner I can be in my room for hours and my elder sister will have to come and knockon my door to confirm if I’m still around.

LVM: –       You got an award for contemporary dance at Mr. World, little wonder you were a king of the dance floor at BBN so howcome this shy Prince can do all that at Face of University, Mr. World& BBN?

PRINCE     (Smiles) Is like there is something about me when I see the camera, I just enjoymyself, there is a boldness that comes with camera for me, but the point is I’m shy to the extent that I can’t watch myself dance, even when I send voice note I can’t listen to it again because I feel I don’t like my voice.

LVM: –       How come you know how to dance that much?

PRINCE: –  (Smiles) I have been dancing since my JSS 1, we had a group called little saint, it consistsof just three of us, Ebuka, Precious and myself, we performed at other school graduation ceremony shows. Shout-out to our English teacher who brought us together (Mrs. Veronica) it became a big deal, because we do break dance in Aba (I adore Micheal Jacksona lot) and later we became 7 members and we improved on our dancing skills. We were even helping people to set up their dance group, we were that good.  Fast forward to Mr. World, thecontemporary dance,and the Face of university.

LVM:    In one of your interviews, you think Mr. World contest wasn’t fair?

PRINCE:  With no disrespect to the winner or the pageant likesome from South Africa thinks that the winner doesn’t represent the best of the contestants.

LVM: –       Do you think most of the pageant’s organizers already know the winner from the beginning of the show.?

PRINCE:    I will talk from my experience from being a contestant, hosting, and coaching in pageant. There are pageants which are 100% fair, there are lot of fake pageants too. It is left to us to decide which one we want to participate in.

LVM: –       Do you think, you should have stayed longer in the BBN than you did.?

Prince:-     Going into the house, I prayed a lot inside the house most times when the light goes off, I never prayed to win BBN, just want to get to top 5, I wasn’t afraid of eviction day until 6th week, I was shaking, the moment I won the darling task, I was happy and I knew I was going to leave that week if I didn’t win the head of house. When I eventually left the house and I watched how everything played out, I love the fact that I left at that time, even when I met one of the people behind the camera, they were all like “You left at the best time” and that God wanted me to come out at that time because it was my time to shine and I’m happy for the people who were in the top 5, they deserve to be there, for me it’s not  about winning the show it’s what you do with the show that matters.

LVM:-        Were you pressured after BBN?

Prince: –    (Smiles) Life after big brother is tricky, it’s good to have a plan, I thank God for my family,they took a lot of the pressure for me. Let me tell you, if anyone tells you there is no pressure after BBN, the person is nothonest.You can be overwhelmed by the buzz, and I think BBN fame is not a year thing. The pressure of who signed deal or not, what helped me was that I realized very early that it’s a marathon and I told myself how I got here “whatever I want to do, I will do it, it’s just a matter of time” so when people think I only signed one deal and the others have signed 7 deals or more. I started working on my long-term goals. I remember turning down a lot of deals and even movie scripts.

LVM: –       (CUT-IN) what are your reasons?

PRINCE: –  First, I was trying to carve a niche for myself, I didn’t just want to sign with any brand, if their value didn’t align with mine then I’m not going to sign. I wasn’t in a rush to sign any deal but will sign with brand that will add to my brand. I don’t’ want to do so much as I prefer quality than quantity.

LVM: –       If you could turn back the hands of time,what will you have done differently if you have the opportunity of going back to the house?

PRINCE: –  I try not to think about it, I don’t even want to think about it, I feel what happened in the house was cool and there is no time for regret.

LVM: –       Back to the BBN house, how come you know how to make hair that good? When did you start making hair?

PRINCE: –  It started when I was done with my secondary and was looking for admission. I was bored and will play with my elder sister make-up cos she is a make-up artiste.

LVM: –       (Cut in) so you can do make-up

PRINCE:-   Yes I can do small make-up, so my sister took me to the saloon at first I was lackadaisical, I will play music from morning till night, most of the staff were like “what is he doing here” and my boss allowed me for some days but one day, my boss asked me to wash someone’s hair and I think I washed hair for like 2 weeks and he bought me a dummy and he asked me to make braid. My boss was so amazing, and I worked there for a year.

He taught me a lot, even the managerial part, my boss is so handsome and very hardworking.

LVM:         What is your boss’s name?

PRINCE:-   His names is Mark Daniel; he has a branch in Abuja now and I learnt from the Owerri shop.

LVM: –       If you have not gone to BBN,would your Saloon,Hairoyale have been a reality?

PRINCE:    Yes, but it won’t be this soon, some years ago I bumped into an international barber who was giving bald guys hair, I loved him so much. I watched him grow. His name is Wad, I sent him DM and mails too. I was one of his big fans and I was like I’m going to do what this guy is doing even if I have to travel to learn it. So going into the house and we all have to cut our hair ourselves, so out of all the housemates I remember it was “kidwaya” that believed I can cut hair even though I haven’tpracticed it for years until BBN,that was how everyone saw that I can cut hair.Leaving BBN house, I sent Wad a DM and he replied. So, we got talking, he invited me for his birthday, and we became friends, and I learnt the whole stuff.

LVM:What fashion item can you not do without?

PRINCE:     I love shoes a lot,my elder sister will always catch me buy new shoes and she will be like “the one you bought the other day,you haven’t worn it (smiles).I love shades too but most time,it’s not all about fashion and that is because I have a condition, my eyes react to much light, so it’s important I wear shade to protect my eye. If it’s exposed to much light, it hurts a lot.

LVM: –       So tell us about Prince “the actor” with a cinema movie and a Netflix movie already in a short while. What’s your journey to Nollywood like since you left BBN?

PRINCE: –  Fortunately, I have been acting since my primary school, I act school plays, if there is going to be drama from my class, I will be there, I remember acting “Agbalowomeri” in the incorruptible judge and I have a lot of lines and I did so well. I remember some parents dashed me money. Before BBN I acted in  2018,it was a series I did  after Mr. Nigeria and remember vividly the first week I left BBN, I turned down some script because I wasn’t just feeling the story line and then when I saw “head over bill’s I liked it and Bolanle Austin Peter’s invited me for the reading of “man of God” and she liked how I read. We shot for days, I love her because she paid so much attention to details.

LVM: –       What is your buked list?

PRINCE: –  (Smiles) I like to sky dive, I’m not afraid of height, I used to be in cadet some years ago.

LVM:      What is fashion to you?

PRINCE: –  I’m not a trend person, I’m a statement person. Fashion and style is the way you speak without saying a word.

The first thing people see is your dress, and I like to look good. I love to impress myself,so far, I’m comfortable wearing an outfit, there is nothing anyone can say I will still wear it so far, I love it.

LVM: –       What’s up with you and durag? You seem to love it beyond wearing on the show.

PRINCE: –  I love duragso much, I remember that I was supposed to wear a silver durag on my pink suit the first episode but a friend of mine told me to take it off and I put it inside my pocket and I wore it again after changing the first night, I just love wearing durag

LVM: –       Who are your Nollywood favorites?

PRINCE: –  I have quite somefavorites who killed their roles all the time, I will mention the few I can remember for now, I love Pete Edochie he is a legend, he is also effortless at playing the roles, I love Genevieve a lot, her personality, I love her poise.

Omotola is another powerful actress with amazing personality. Nse, I love her a lot and there is a new favorite Shawn faqua, when I saw the movie ‘blood covenant’’, I fell in love with him, thought I have couple of works he’s done but he blew my mind in blood covenant, I had to walk up to him and I was like “l am a big fan” the list is endless these are the people I can remember for now, Nollywood is a big deal.

LVM:         You do interior deco as well?

PRINCE: –  Yes, it’s a family business, we transform a place to a beautiful ambience.

LVM:         What is the craziest rumor you have heard about yourself?

PRINCE: –  People say I am a snub butam not.

Just that sometimes you might not be in the mood, sometimes fans forget that we are human as well. So, this year I have been intentional about going out more and I’m trying. God help me (smiles).

LVM:         What is the life lesson you learnt in BBN?

PRINCE: –  I learnt that no knowledge is a waste.

LVM: –       What is it like working with “Guinness”

PRINCE: –  It’s been awesome working with such a great brand, and I love every bit of it.

LVM: –       What Should we expect from Prince in 2022?

PRINCE: –  You people should keep your fingers crossed.

LVM: –       What is your message to your fans?

PRINCE: –  I love you all and continue to support me.