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ENTERTAINMENT STAR WITH TOMI ON LA VERONICA MAGAZINEIntroduction: I CHALLENGE ALL THE ROLES GIVEN TO ME, THERE ARE NO BAD ROLES……………… Anthony Monjaro.INTRODUCTIONThe name Anthony Monjaro is not strange in Nollywood, as he stole the hearts of many fans with his role as a captain in the movie’’ Last flight to Abuja’’ and since then his acting prowess is top notch. The tall, dark and handsome actor is our Entertainment star this month of September and he spoke to Otekunrin Oluwatomi of La Veronica Magazine in an exclusive interview. Grab a sit and enjoy this moment with the very deep actor Anthony Monjaro.

LVM: What is your journey like before your breakout movie?ANTHONY: Last flight to Abuja brought me back to Nigeria, I used to live in the UK, Lekki Wives was my third, I acted in Tinsel for five month and after I did Gidi up by Ndani. I played different characters in all of these. I’m a trained actor, and film maker from the UK. Last flight to Abuja was awesome, I can still remember my lines after 10years because I read my line over a hundred times. I take my time to know the character I’m playing and I wouldn’t want to do less. I write note on the character, I learn my lines, back story, my last read and the summary of the character. When you are going to war you go with your entire weapon I give all when acting. There are different way of saying ‘’ I love you’’ as an actor, there are different modulation. Being talented isn’t enough.

LVM: As a part time actor in UK and a full time actor in Nigeria. Tell us about your experience.ANTHONY: There is a massive difference, you pay more attention as a full time actor. It’s not about lines alone, it’s a big deal to be full actors, I attend master class and I watch dramas just to learn more.

LVM: Tell us about one unforgettable role you played so far.ANTHONY: I have done quite a lot but I remember one I shot and I feel ill on the set, I played a guy who was paralyzed and feel in love with his care giver because my wife doesn’t really care. We shot for like 12days, all my performance was on my face.

LVM: What are those things that people don’t know about you?ANTHONY: People think ‘’I’m stocked up’’ that ‘’I’m proud’’ when they now meet me in person people will be like’’ I don’t know you are this nice. I remember a particular person who said I was married with kids and I was like ‘’can I talk to this person because that’s a big lie. No matter what, some people will like you, while some will hate you. I concentrate on people that love me and forget about haters. I’m a very simple person.

LVM: Do you reject any role that you find not challenging enough?ANTHONY: I can bring challenge to any role, if I see potential in the story, I can bring something new to the story. Especially if there are good actors alongside, we all can bring magic to the story by giving our all to the story.

LVM: Do you have a favorite Director?  ANTHONY: (Smiles) I work with all the directors in the Industry, they all can’t be the same and they have their unique qualities. So far I don’t have issues with any director. I’m a simple person. It is just for some few days.LVM: What do you do in your leisure?ANTHONY: (Laughs) hmmm, it’s work, work, work for me but in my leisure, I work on a particular project for people, I feel I have to give back to the society. For upcoming actors, I feel we should discover new actors, who are very good but they lack opportunity. I’m putting the material together ‘’It is called ‘’Think Monjaro’’. You people should watch out for this.

LVM: What is your biggest fear?ANTHONY: I hate to say I’m afraid of failure, I feel I won’t give up regardless of any unpalatable situation.

LVM: What is in your bucket list? ANTHONY: I have a production house but working on my production studio, get staff and make it a production studio.

LVM: Are you pressured?ANTHONY: You put pressure on yourself when you are at a level. There will always be down time and it doesn’t make it the end of the world. I don’t want to keep up with the Jones, I live my life, no pressure. I’m building relationship, I don’t burn bridges.

LVM: Is Anthony Monjaro evolving into producing or directing?ANTHONY: (Smiles) I will always be infront of the camera acting. Yes, will produce my film soon but it’s going to be more of commercial.

LVM: So when is the wedding bell ringing?ANTHONY: (Smiles) you see that wedding bell ehnnnn, If I see the ‘’one for me’’ I will get married, you people should wait now. On a serious note marriage is something you can’t run into, you have to be really sure. It will happen soon by God grace.

LVM: What film projects are you working on at the moment?ANTHONY: Working on so many films, you guys will love all the films when they are out.

LVM: What message do you have for some people looking up to you?ANTHONY: You guys should not give up on your dreams and live your best lives.

LVM: What do you want to tell your fans?ANTHONY: Firstly I want to really thank my fans you guys rock. I will continue to give my best all the time. I love you all keep supporting me. I appreciate you all. te you all.