A model, Brand influencer, Script writer and a Presenter.


LVM: HOW does it feel to be Miss Melanin Universe?

TAMARA: I would say the feeling is quite un-explainable, because I wasn’t expecting it, but I would say I’m honored to be given such a title, it shows that you could be something out of nothing.


LVM: Did you think you would win at the final stage? tell us your experience.

TAMARA: I will be honest, I wasn’t expecting it, I was scared from day one but I thank God for the modelling support from my mum, who stood by me from day one to the finale, because during the competition I regained my self-esteem, able to stand bold and walk out to say it, yes I am Miss Melanin Universe and I’m proud of it and you should be proud of who you are regardless.


LVM: HOW supportive is your family towards your participation at the initial stage?

TAMARA: My family were my backbone,my strength and courage. They were there from day one till I became queen, A supportive family is everything.


LVM: HOW do you juggle school with being a beauty queen?

TAMARA: It is quite stressful, but I know that being a queen is a lot of responsibility, which I’m willing to take seriously, my education and my career are worth working hard for. I keep working harder to get to greater places, this is only but a stepping stone for me.


LVM: What are the pet projects you are running at the moment?

TAMARA: It’s fashion for now, though I am opening an online counselling site, for those who battled with self-esteem, all those young ladies out there who want to try but are scared to talk and also help them.


LVM: What was growing up like?

TAMARA: Growing up for me was quite challenging, because I had low self-esteem, unable to face the crowd, unable to talk to people, always on my own, always thought of being a successful barrister and nothing else, I was also an imaginative person, making myself see and believe things I wanted to see.


LVM: What is the fashion accessory you can’t do without?

TAMARA: The fashion accessory Would be a bracelet, and yes of course my “necklace” which has the letter “A” on it which stands for the first letter of my Surname. (Anyasinwaso) and as well (Amalachukwu).


LVM: What does it mean to you?

TAMARA: It means alot to me, my bracelets are always given to me by my mum and she is as precious as them.


LVM: What are your reservations about pageantry in Nigeria?

TAMARA: MBMG, gave me the face in modelling Industry and brought out the best in US, it also builds communication skills, and also makes you learn more about yourself and how to build you, it is a stepping stone for all beginners.


LVM: Few words for your fans

TAMARA: Thank you so much, I really appreciate the love, care and understanding from the depth of my heart and I love everyone who has been there for me, even those who were not, may God bless you all and I’m hopping to keep doing my best to help all Bright youngsters find their true self and potential.


LVM: We wish you all the best in your career.

TAMARA: Thank You for having me.

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