It’s march lovelies, we made it again and in all sincerity there is something special about the month of March, you might not be able to place it.
Welcome to entertainment stars and this month we went to explore the world of one of the exceptional fashion entrepreneurs whose design and success story will wow everyone. Come along as we go on journey into world of Ejiro Moses, creative director Ee-Jay Fashions.

LVM: Tell us about your journey into the fashion industry, was it intentional
Ejiro: (Smiles) my journey into the fashion world start from being a fashionista myself, I like fashion a whole lot and inherit that from my mum because she has a great fashion sense. Initially I didn’t think I will end up as a fashion designer because at a point I was about to choose between being an air hostess at “Air Peace” or to be a fashion designer.
I had a lot of struggle choosing but at last I chose going to learn tailoring from one of my close friend ( I don’t want to mention names). So many people discouraged me not to learn tailoring because they feel I’m very beautiful and it will be prestigious for me to be an air hostess rather than going to learn tailoring, but I didn’t listen, I followed my heart. I started in 2015.

It wasn’t easy but I enjoyed it and I forgot all about air hostess job.

LVM: How have you been able to cope with inflation, light issues and many challenges that comes with being a fashion entrepreneur in this tough Economic condition?

Ejiro: What a brilliant question, it’s not being easy, the challenges is quite enormous but we are still moving ahead.
Inflation is killing fashion business because the prices of material increases every time, the rate of dollar is high and no electricity is not that constant. most time we are on generator because customer orders and dresses should be ready on time, I don’t disappoint my clients. Initially I enjoyed the beauty part of fashion but when I started I realized it’s a big deal and u have to adapt. I have to learn to go to the market myself and get beautiful materials to sew. I have been inspired by a lot great women around me. Being in the fashion industry makes me stronger thank before

LVM: How have you been coping with different clients?
Ejiro: I have been very lucky with good customers and clients. I don’t collect clothes that will give me problem, I try as much as possible not to disappoint my clients.
We have the tough ones though but I’m very patient with them. Sometimes I tolerate a lot of nonsense just to make sure peace reign.
Sometimes I let them know their limit when I get to my breaking point.

LVM: What is Ee-Jay Fashion’s niche?
Ejiro: I’m more of owanbe, Aso Ebi, wedding dress if you want people to stop and stare at your dress then Ejay Fashion is your best plug, we are just a DM away. When you sew here, you don’t want to go anywhere again.
LVM: What are the things you want government to help with in your industry?
Ejiro: The most important thing that is paramount to us is “Electricity” many times we run generators from morning till night.
Honestly, most of us in this industry are tired but we keep going.
Increase in price of material, every time is an headache. Inflation is affecting us seriously.
Lagos traffic is also a problem I must mention that.

LVM:- Tell us, what was growing up like?
Ejiro:- (Smiles) growing up was tough, born in the outskirt of Ondo State, Ajue Town precisely both parents are farmer, I’m from a polygamous home I came to Lagos 2003, I have to start school all over again when I got to Lagos and I remember I was already in SS1 in our village I finished secondary school in 2008 was at home for 7 years trying post UTME and later I went to aviation school for my diploma and on completing my course I got an air hostess job in a very reputable airline in Nigeria and then the choice of tailoring came and I had so much struggle trying to choose between being an air hostess or going to learn tailoring. I went for the tailoring like I said earlier, I remember even while in school, I go for audition and I do ushering jobs, my sister, I hustle. (Smiles)
I started by collecting clothes from people around me, my church members when I was done with training. My mum has 10 children, I’m the second to the last born and I have seen how my family members are living, I know the kind of life I want to live.
I got my place even without door blind, I was happy that day, I slept so well.
In 2017, something special happened, I made one dress and someone told me to post the picture on Instagram and I did, I tagged some bloggers and before I knew it, my pictures was everywhere
That was how God made me. I kept getting orders and I was like “Is this how God works” before you know it, I fixed my door blind light, and everything plus my machines, I registered my business from Ejiro88 to E-Jay Fashion and up on till now I can say God has been faithful. When people see me, they think I’m from one posh background because of my skin, I smile most times. It’s been quite a journey but thank God for grace.
LVM: Who are your role models or those who inspire you?
Ejiro; I think I’m more inspired by foreign designers like Carolina Herera; I love the late Dora Akuyuli, Folorunsho Alakija, I feel these women don’t have two heads, what they do, I can do. I’m motivated with foreign designs.
LVM: What is the niche of E-Jay fashion?
Ejiro: When you talk of owambe dresses, then call me, I’m your best plug, I do bridal train dresses, owambe styles and many more.
LVM: What is style to you?
Ejiro: To me, fashion is comfort not pain. I love when I go out, people love my dress and keep complimenting me.
LVM: What is the fashion item you can’t do without?
Ejiro: (Smiles) my accessories, I love accessories a lot.
LVM: How do you relax?
Ejiro: I go out with my friends, I love Karaoke too, I’m intentional about making myself happy.
LVM: What is your message to your fans?
Ejiro: Focus on your dreams, don’t give up and you will see your dreams come through. I love you my clients, you all are the best. Please be tolerant.
Watch out for more beautiful dresses this year.