The name Timmy Sinclair may not ring a bell but the name TRIKYTEE is a household name that came to limelight after going for the Big Brother House Season 5 Lockdown edition. He was one of the most talked about housemates who gave us nothing short of entertainment in the house. The second class upper graduate from the Theatre Art department of the University of Port-Harcourt, UNIPORT is our entertainment star for the month and he spoke to Otekunrin Oluwatomi of LA VERONICA MAGAZINE in an exclusive interview recently.

You don’t want to miss a moment with the Tranquillity man himself, as he talks about his moment in the BBN house, his passion among other things. Come along lovelies.

LVM: What was it like watching Big Brother Naija and being a housemate?

Trikytee: (smiles) Big Brother Naija show is quite an amazing show but as shocking as it may sound, I wasn’t a diehard fan. I just watch when I go out and people are watching. I have an idea of what the show was some years ago but I can say that being a housemate is one of the most fulfilling experience.

Having lived with other 20 people under the same roof, bearing each other’s excesses and loving each other regardless.

LVM: Can you differentiate between Timmy Sinclair and the Trikytee of Big Brother Naija lockdown season 5 housemate?

Trikytee: Timmy is a cool headed guy, who loves to make people happy as well, He doesn’t like problem, very easy going while Trikytee is the loud guy you watched in Big Brother Naija Season 5. (smiles)

LVM: You didn’t have a clique in the house, you were cool with everyone is that a strategy to win?

Trikytee: I don’t want to be anybody’s enemy either, me not having clique has been like that for years, I am always cool with everyone and trust me but I just love peace with everyone not necessarily that everyone will like me but I just want to be in peace with people around me. I went to the house with an open mind, I know people’s flaw and I walk around it and I know how to deal with everyone.

I knew we were going to spend ten weeks and I was looking forward to meeting new people and I sure did meet amazing people.

LVM: Before Big Brother Naija, Season 5, you were into film-making. Tell us about it

Trikytee: I was into movie production, I am a DOP, editor and director and it was paying my bills. I have been a film-maker all along, I studied Theatre Art from the prestigious University of Port-Harcourt and by His grace I had a second class upper but I know that one-day I will work in front of the camera and not behind the camera

LVM: You said in one of your interview that you fall in and out of love, what do you mean by this?

Trikytee: I don’t love easily, I find it hard to love and when I love you, I really do, even if we break-up I still have a soft spot for you, that’s why I still talk with most of my exes. We are still cool.

LVM: Is that the reason, you didn’t mistakenly fall in love with anyone in the big brother house?

Trikytee: (smiles) fortunately, I like everyone but I said I am in relationship in the house, so there is no need (smiles)

LVM: What has the Big Brother Naija season 5 done to you as a person and as a brand?

Trikytee: Going to the house has been a blessing even though I know my being in the house was miraculous. I  wrote my goal for 2020 and going into BBN was included. In fact I gave myself a number and my first jersey was number 7.

Going to Big Brother has made me closer to God. I am getting a bigger and better recognition because of this platform.

I am not there yet though but I am getting better by the day.

LVM: Tell us about hustle 101 films?

Trikytee: Hustle 101 film has been before BBN but everyone is just getting to know it. This is just my way of telling the youth to work hard, be positive minded and you can always reach your goal. Everyone doing a legitimate job that gives you money and joy, that is your hustle 101. I was originally working in a media house as a presenter but i left because I wasn’t happy. Thank God for how everything has panned out for me.

LVM: Tell us about life after Big Brother?

Trikytee: Before, I can take a cab but now I can’t try it and everything that happened in the house I didn’t take it personal I even like our relationship outside the house. The real life started after BBN, anyone that put me up for eviction I didn’t hold it against them. I am good with everyone from my own end. From my own end, it’s all love

LVM: So how have you doubled the money you won in the house.

Trikytee: (smiles) I have doubled my money by investing, when I have money I want to just invest it, no time for wasteful spending.

LVM: Do you miss your moment together with other housemates?

Trikytee: (smiles) Yes I did. I miss everyone, my favourite moment in the house was the first two weeks before eviction. It was a sweet experience but now, everyone is busy with one thing or the other but we still try to catch up though.

LVM: What was your parent’s take when you told them you are going to BBN?

Trikytee: They didn’t even know because I didn’t tell them, you don’t know if you will get to the house, so there is no point telling them but they saw me in the house though.

LVM: How did you stay without your phone for weeks?

Trikytee: My sister, its crazy (smile). We had already stayed without our phones for the initial two weeks at our hotel rooms with no television. We were just with books and nothing more.

LVM: You seem to be very cool with Wathoni? Tell us about your friendship

Trikytee: Wathoni, my girl, who has my back, someone I will call if I need help. She is just so cool. She is a friend indeed.

LVM: In three words what has BBN season 5 given you.

Trikytee: (smiles) BBN has given me fame, experience and opportunities.

LVM: What should we be expecting from Trikytee in year 2021

Trikytee: Movie, TV series and I will do music. This year as well, not choosing music over acting. I am doing both.

LVM: What kind of music do you do?

Trikytee: Afro-pop (smiles)

LVM: Who is your inspiration and role model?

Trikytee: Falz the bad guy. He is already doing what I want to do. He inspires me a lot, the guy is good no be small!

LVM: Should we be expecting some of your housemates in your feature movie?

Trikytee: hmmmm (smiles)I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet. Fingers crossed.  Just wait for it.

LVM: Where did you get the name” Mr Tranquillity” from?

Trikytee: It was during one of our task in the house that I got the name and as a peace loving person, I love the name and I know all my days in the house I didn’t have problem with any of my housemates. I love my peace of mind a lot.

LVM: You stayed with Erica all that memorable night when the drama with her and Laycon started trying your best to curb her, did you see her disqualification coming that night?

Trikytee: She was drunk, she didn’t mean anything she said, I saw it coming though because it was a night too many. Tried my best to salvage the situation but at last  Sunday came and she was disqualified.

Trust me, Erica is a cool lady that just happened, we all can see she is making waves.

LVM: Do you think you were judged on the show?

Trikytee: (Smiles)very much, some think I did eyes service so people can love me and I was surprised. I was just myself but it’s okay though.

LVM: Do you think different fans of each housemate caused problem for some of the housemates after the show.

Trikytee: Yes, they did initially, some will come to my DM and be like:” why are you commenting on this person’s picture on IG and many more drama but we all good together now….no hard feelings. Most of us have come to realised how awesome we are after the house. We are cool.

LVM: You directed some of the drama presentation in the house, who do you consider as great actors in the Lockdown edition of Big Brother Naija?

Trikytee: All my guys are talented no caps, speaking about good actor. Prince is such a good actor, that guy is good and he can do a lot of things, you all know that right.

LVM: Whose eviction shocked you most?

Trikytee: I didn’t see Kiddwaya and Prince’s eviction coming at all. I put up Kidd and Prince up thinking of their strong fan base, so I was sure they won’t be evicted but to my surprise I was shocked when I heard Prince’s name and put my hands on my head. It was a shock tome but it was all a game though we are altogether.

LVM: Apart from entertainment, are you into any other business?

Trikytee: I am into fashion. My popular Hustle 101 jacket is sold out and soon another collection will be out. Just been busy with work and I am now an SSA to the Bayelsa governor on Talent management. Trust me it’s a different ball game but still we move.

LVM: What is your advice to people that wants go for 2021 Big Brother Naija?

Trikytee: As shocking as it may sound, going to Big Brother Naija made me know God the more because my getting to the house was divine, God wanted me to be in that house and I made it. Go to Big Brother House and be yourself, don’t try to be Erica, Prince, Eric, Ozo or any other housemates, just be yourself. No past questions though just be who you are.

LVM: Are you pressured?

Trikytee: hmmmm (smiles)My Sister, it’s intentional to be pressured I have learnt to embrace my growth at my pace and at God’s given time. See I am a weird Christian, I have a very good relationship with God and he has the plan of my life in HIS hands, I don’t look at people’s time though I am inspired by people’s success but I don’t allow pressure to set in. There is no late comer when it comes to being successful, God’s time is the best.

LVM: What is the message to your fans?

Trikytee: My people thank you sooooooo much for your support and love, you all voted for me like anything. I am very grateful. God bless you guys. Keep supporting me and I won’t disappoint you, remember I gat nothing   but love for you my people.

LVM: Thank you so much for your time.

Trikytee: Thank you for coming all the way too…. Sure it was a long journey coming here.