I am not a Celebrity neither I’m a Pastor. I’m a child of God. Mike Abdul
How awesome to have you here again in 2023, amazing people. Thanks for riding with us all through 2022. Sure you enjoyed reading different interesting interviews of your favourite entertainment Stars. 2023 entertainment stars interviews is about to hotter, just stick around and enjoy engaging conversations with your favourite Star every month.
This February, we went in search of one of your absolute favourite gospel artiste; one of the most celebrated gospel artistes in Africa. Though very busy but he spared us some beautiful moment in an exclusive interview with Otekunrin Oluwatomi of LA VERONICA MAGAZINE.
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet our Entertainment Star for February. You don’t want to miss this interview for any reason guys, grab your pop corn, get into a cozy corner and come explore the world of a complete gentleman called Mike Abdul. A Gospel Artiste extraordinary.

LVM: Who is Mike Abdul, the artiste and Mike the personality?
MIKE: (Smiles) This question seems so deep.
My name is Micheal Olayinka Abdul. You can’t really separate these two. I’m not your regular artiste, I’m a gospel Artiste. I started writing songs at the age of 12.I remember that when I was 19, I had written over 300 songs and I just sang one out of it them. I just love to write and sing.
Micheal is a cool, a talented guy who is easy going and loves God.
You can’t separate Mike, the artiste and the person. The two of them are cool.

LVM: How did ‘’Midnight Crew’’ came into being?

MIKE: Before Midnight Crew”, I had sung in choir, I was at RCCG Choir
Olusosu Ojota (under zone 5), I had a song that was popular then, that is Yin Baba.

I got admission to Yaba Tech. And I was in my joint departmental choir. By the way, I studied Electrical Engineering. That time our departmental choir was so phenomenal that when we sang under trees on campus, people stopped to watch and listen to our songs. Infact that is where I met Ayo, Patricia and Gbenga and we were called ‘’Original Love Choir’’ on campus.

LVM: You sing a different kind of gospel music. Have you been chastised or chided for your type of music?


MIKE: Your questions are not from here (laughs). I have been chastised, criticized and chided many times. People forget that Jesus was on the street, either preaching the word of God or performing miracles. We would sing according to the pattern shown to us. The inspirations behind most of my songs are spiritual. Whether people believe it or not, testimonies abound after some of my singles, even till tomorrow. I bless his name for this. When people talk about my kind of song, God help me to sing more. So, you don’t have a choice, you will listen to another one pretty soon.

LVM: Do you think people don’t rate Gospel Artiste like Secular Artiste?

MIKE: My sister, they don’t need to rate us because we aren’t doing the same job. We are not the same. Our messages are different, they have more money and probably, more recognition. We are not disputing that our missions are different, our lifestyles are. No one is judging anyone.

LVM: We can’t forget the ‘’Midnight Crew’’ in decades because you guys gave us great spiritual songs. Why did you guys split?

MIKE: Like you said, God used us to sing great songs in 2011, we decided to have individual expression. While we were together, the work was easy because we were four and so the four of us couldn’t be pressured at the same time. More grace for Pat, Ayo and Gbenga. It’s not like we can’t sing together again as Midnight Crew, but some of us are not in Nigeria and it will be twice as hard to bring us together to sing now. We are still cool, we didn’t fight, we are still brothers and sisters.

LVM: How did you move from ‘’Mike Abdul’’ of Midnight Crew to Mike Abdul the Gospel Artiste?

MIKE: Hmmm. Quiet a deep question. Tomi, my sister, it wasn’t easy at first because I didn’t open stage when in Midnight Crew. I had to go to God in prayers and had to get the mission right before starting. I bless the name of God that God has been helping me to ‘’Engage them in praise and put praise on their lips’’. That is the mission statement, I got. It’s been quite a journey from then till now. God has been faithful to his words.

LVM: Do you think being a Gospel Artiste is much of a calling then a talent?

MIKE: You can naturally be talented and you choose to do gospel, which is not probably a common option for obvious reason. To be a Gospel Artiste, you need more than talent to be in the space; you need the spirit of God. It’s way more than the physical because your strengths might not be able to carry it.
LVM: Do you think that the church didn’t support most of their talented youths, hence most of them end up doing secular songs?

MIKE: My dear, church has doctrine and principles. They can’t lower their standard for anybody. I know the people in church are the most judgmental set of people on earth . But, you see, our youth can’t withstand the heat and problems. I can’t lie, most churches aren’t helping their talented youths because of structures and systems of the church. Sometimes, it’s not their fault, trust the youth, they won’t even wait, they will find solace elsewhere and start from there.

LVM: What can you say about the 21 century Christians?

MIKE: Some 21 century Christians are careless. We are trying hard to westernize Jesus, forgetting that we can’t serve him anyhow. I feel some Christians nowadays are getting too cold for comfort. We take things of God for granted too much, forgetting that Jesus is not interested in our social life or how many followers, we have on IG. May the Lord help us.

LVM: What is the craziest rumour you have heard about yourself?

MIKE: So many rumours, but I stand strong.

LVM: In your journey, do you have a time you feel like quitting? If yes, how did you handle it?

MIKE: We all have our breaking point. However, the difference is who you call during those times. I call unto Him and He is a present help in those trying time. I switch into the supernatural at this time and Jesus really comes through for me.

LVM: The narrative that people should pay for gospel concert came up some weeks ago. What do you want to say about this? I mean that the gospel concert people think should be free as if there is no logistics involved in gospel concert.

MIKE: This question is very important. People think Gospel Artiste don’t pay for logistics before they can use needed facilities. You need to know how much we spend while preparing for concert. Salvation is free, but you need to buy Bible.

You will pay huge amount of money to watch secular artiste. In fact, some people will need to lodge in a hotel close to the venue of the concert, so they can get there on time. Why not give same energy while coming for a gospel concert. It’s not easy to host a concert.

People should pay for Christian concert; it’s a kingdom business as well.

LVM: It’s a new year, what should we expect from you this year?

MIKE: Keep your fingers crossed. God is going to wow you all.

LVM: What is your favourite song out of all your songs?

MIKE: I run from this question many times, but you see, all my songs are great.
‘Korede’ remains the song that people won’t stop talking about till tomorrow. The feedback has been so much. It really blessed people and, still blessing them till tomorrow.

LVM: What do you have to tell your fans?

MIKE: My awesome fans, thank you for loving Mike Abdul. Keep up the support. God bless you. I love you all.

LVM: You sure can pass for a Nollywood actor having seen you in some movies. Tell us about the ‘’Mike Abdul’’ the actor?

MIKE: (Smiles) I love to act, it’s innate, and it just comes natural. I have some script, you people should watch out. The Bible says, “I can do all things through Christ”, right? So, Mike Abdul is an actor.

LVM: What is fashion to you?

MIKE: (Smiles) Fashion is anything that fits me and sits well on me. I’m not a fan of trend, I love wearing nice and well tailored dress.

LVM: At any point, do you feel pressured?

MIKE: My sister, I won’t lie, at a particular time, someone might be feeling the pressure, but at a point, it won’t matter again. All these years I have been doing ‘’me’’. No pressure zone. I’m not a celeb neither I’m I a Pastor. I am Mike Abdul, I’m a child of God and I’m happy to be his favourte.

LVM: How do you relax?

MIKE: I love to travel. I enjoy my ‘’me’’ time too.

LVM: What’s your advice to the green horn in gospel music ministry?

MIKE: Just make sure you are in tune with God.

LVM: Thank you so much for your time, Sir.

MIKE: My pleasure always. Thank you for coming.