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Creed of Greatness

CREED OF GREATNESS – Amidst roving and pondering, appeared a clear portrait of greatness

An imagination that eludes man, with rich thoughts of a fortress

Girded by tides of frequent passages, of whom to bear

A wall with no boundaries or limits, deep-rooted foundations to harden

Yet barricades stand along, the ones to conquer

A fortification every mortal craves to bear, each moment with a record


While kings and mighty men work endlessly to behold,

Toiling day and Night, with sweat and blood, they stood apart for this reward

A ceaseless search for the prized asset, But at what price does this feat come?

Strength and intelligence wrestle, to be or not to be

The mantle of power being exchanged for glory

Glories of celestial hopes, of foretold divine beings

Faiths mankind is yet to bear, but still with a yardstick to present

Has Nature evolves, memories and revelations of heroes never cease


Time after time, yet we still run same race with poles apart

With priceless ego, men converge to fight

The fight for what seem to be theirs

Some miss it, others win it

To live as a villain or die a hero, Men of valor martyred for glory sake


Captured by the pictures of the black and white, false memories prevailed

Crave for good tidings swathed the hungry minds of men

Diverse minds of weaklings and that of great men

They pondered, either vague or carnal

The creed of Greatness lies within the mantle of belief

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