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Agogo Woos Nigerian Youths For PMB



Nigerian youths across political affiliation have been urged to support the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari in the forthcoming presidential election, even as he admonished them to shun violence, protect and ensure that their votes count in next month’s general elections in the country. National Adviser (APC Youth Caucus), Alhaji Abdullahi Mai Agogo made the call in his New Year message in Abuja. He also called on the youths to “continue to support your darling PMB by guarding jealously your PVCs, campaign for Baba in your domain, cast your votes, protect your votes and ensure that your votes count.” Moreover, he said, “You are to shun violence, refuse to sell your votes and forgive one another in the spirit of unity and peaceful coexistence.” Agogo said the 2019 elections present the youth and the country in general the opportunity to choose between the good and the bad, the ugly past or the glorious future, the looting gangs or the prudent managers, going back or to move forward, adding that the choice is not an easy one. The National Youth Adviser encouraged the youth to choose wisely “as your future and the lives of the unborn generation depend on the choice you will make come February 2019. Please choose wisely by voting en masse for change as no change is ever easy to come to fruition-there may be pains in the beginning, but definitely the end will leave a lasting sweetness.” Agogo praised the youth for their faith in the peaceful coexistence of Nigerians irrespective of religious, tribal or social differences. He said their support for President Muhammadu Buhari has been awesome, while calling on them to team up for the re-election of President Buhari. “As you progress into the New Year, be assured that Mr. President is committed to the security, peace and prosperity of all Nigerians and he has put in place various parameters to ensure that the gains of the change agenda yields the expected dividends to all and sundry,” he stated. He said the support has encouraged the President to stay committed to his mandate of Positive Change since 2015. “I sincerely commend your unalloyed support for this administration not regarding the challenges encountered over the period,” he added. Agogo expressed sadness over the spate of insecurity in the country, which he said has created acrimony and hatred among once peaceful neighbours. “My heart bleeds for the victims of these unfortunate incidences in our country,” he added.