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Onnoghen’s Removal Is One Of The Islamic Agenda

Following Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen’s suspension, lots of people have shared their opinion on the issue, some supporting, and some opposing. The Nigerian Christian Elders Forum has also chimed in to weigh the issue.

They opined that the suspension of the Chief Justice is an Islamic Agenda, one which is targetted at political domination. According to the statement “CJN Onnoghen: What is really at stake and the way out.” released yesterday by the forum, the Elders believe Onnoghen’s issue is more than the asset declaration put forth by the federal government.

The statement shared by the elders which include Lt.Gen. Theophilus  Danjuma,  Solomon Asemota (SAN),  Prof. Joseph Otubu, Gen. (retd.), Dr  Kate Okpareke, Dr Ayo Abifarin, Gen. Zamani Lekwot (retd.), Elder Moses Ihonde, Elder Nat Okoro and Elder Matthew Owojaiye, purported that the current administration is an Islamist one and Nigerians must ensure that it doesn’t return to power comes 2019.

Part of their statement said: “In 2015, Nigerians unwittingly elected an Islamist government into office, supposedly on a platform of democracy.

It is with this as background that the questionable suspension of the CJN, Justice Walter Onnoghen, should be situated.

The ‘judicial coup’ is not only against the judiciary, but also the constitution that is under attack and with it, the sovereignty of the Nigerian state as a democratic nation. Islamism is not a religion but a political ideology which holds that wherever Islam is, Islam must dominate. That is one reason why Islamism is called “political Islam.

However, while all Islamists are Muslims, all Muslims are not Islamists. The National Christian Elders Forum is calling on Nigerians to mobilise to resist the Islamists in Nigeria and ensure that they do not return to power again so that Nigerians can concentrate on building a just and equitable society.

In order to put an end to the recurring decimal of violence, conflicts, suspicion, distrust, insecurity, poverty and other vices plaguing Nigeria, NCEF reiterates that Nigerians should ensure that Islamists are not voted into power in 2019.”