I Am Not The Regular………….I Am Phenomenal—-Exclusive Interview With Nollywood Actor Extra Ordinarie, Bolaji Ogunmola



BOLAJI OGUNMOLA is her name and I am sure the name rings a bell as she is one of the prominent actors in Nollywood, take it or leave it the melanin goddess actress can so interpret any role, little wonder she has been featured in most movies as she is fast becoming directors and producers favorite.

Before we say Jack Robinson, she already produced her movie ’REACH’ early in the year and the movie got a lot of accolades. Trust me, she didn’t come to play. We recently caught up with the beauty and brains Bolaji on the set of her upcoming movie and I am sure you can’t wait to hear from this charming and hard-working Bolaji Ogunmola as our Entertainment Star with Tomi on LA VERONICA MAGAZINE…Come along

LVM: What is your philosophy of life?

BJ: Be happy and do what makes you happy in life that all.

LVM: Some write their names in gold in the sand of time, what do you want to be remembered for?

BJ: I think with me it will would be that I lived my truth, that is one of the biggest things in life.

LVM: you talked about giving back to society in your country little way.

BJ: like I said is very important for me to put my voice behind things am very passionate about like children, women, equality, justice, and politics. Everything that has to do with humanity basically as a whole, trying to make a difference in the whole world is important to me.

LVM: What is the inspiration behind your first movie “REACH” as a Producer.

BJ: The movie REACH is just a testimony of God grace to tell you the fact that my dreams are valid. It is a story very dear to my heart and I want to bless God for the success, the feedback has been very encouraging. I just wanted to do a very simple story but at the same time captivating.

LVM: How religious are you?

BJ: (smiles) Good question like I said I know God for myself and trying to do what I know is right.

LVM: So Covid 19 came and a lot of things changed, how do you think that post covid movie production will look like?

BJ: We have limited crew members trying to always sanitize people’s hands and trying to make sure people are good. Right before you came in people’s temperature were checked. It is a new world you know, we trying to maintain cleanness at the highest level.

LVM: How do you think COVID is going to affect Nollywood?

BJ: I think is going to affect everyone because now we are going to pay more attention to a lot of things like our health and hygiene that pertains to us. Just that producer will have to spend more and production will now be very expensive. We will beat this virus but we should take safety precautions.

LVM: what’s the craziness rumours you Heard about yourself?

BJ: That I can only marry a rich man, that was a m ajor headline and it was painful to me because the message wasn’t passed properly. That has scarred me from doing any interview over the years and that was why it took me so much time to finally grant this interview(smiles)

LVM: Sorry about that, but what was the question that gave birth to that rumour?

BJ: The thing about marriage is not about the money, is about responsibility. Is not about whether you want to marry poor or rich. You see this child as he is here he is not subjected to our feeling. He is subjected to the care and life that we gave him. So we have to be responsible so it has nothing to do with rich or poor. If you know that you are not going be in that space of being responsible for somebody else, I would advise that you shouldn’t do right, that if you don’t have a job or something substantial. You shouldn’t put someone in that state same for women you should not put absolutely your burden or dependent on a man because you are married to him. You should be independent; Marriage is not a slave trade but a partnership. So I will rephrase that I would not marry somebody who is not responsible. You have to be responsible for yourself at least before you bring me into the picture and another rumour I heard later that year again.

LVM: So that was what the rumour about?

BJ: It’s very crazy because I was perceived as being Materialistic

LVM: How did you respond to it?

BJ: I didn’t respond or react to it. I think I wrote something about on my page but after a while, really there is always going to be people that have rumours about you. There is always going to be rumours or things said about you that has nothing to do with you. you see me, you came to my house you see how much work and effort I put in is not a joke. You see there is no overnight success, we work so hard my darling.

LVM: There are millions of young artists that are doing well, so what do you want to bring to the table that is different from every other person out there?

BJ: See, I am me, I do me, I am bringing much value to the table, the whole me is phenomenal. Bolaji Ogunmola isn’t the regular. Bringing something spectacular to the table.

LVM: How do you play different roles so perfectly?

BJ: o (smiles) na the work wey we dey do, I let go of Bolaji and have to live and be the character, it must be convincing.

LVM: so how do bring that character to life?

BJ: I mean I just research, ask questions and be on the same page with what the director wants and trust the directions of the director.

LVM: some people are like when see Bolaji… Is ROk TV do you think some people streamline some actors?

BJ: Yea am a working actor and grateful for the platform ROk has given me forever grateful and thankful to everyone I have worked with, I have worked with African magic, Ibaka tv and different people but Rok has been like family to me. Am an actress but at least I have somewhere I can showcase my talents am really grateful for that.

LVM: What is that fashion item that you can’t do without?

BJ: My lip gloss (smiles)I love lip gloss.

LVM: What’s your fashion life like?

BJ: I think is laid back, simple, fashionable and sexy some times. it depends on my mood what I wear depends on how I feel at the time.

LVM: what is your reservation about Nollywood?

BJ: I don’t have any reservations about where I eat, am grateful we have things. we need to work harder though but were are getting there gradually.

LVM: How do you access the industry?

BJ: is a growing industry that has so much potential.

LVM: What’s your advice for an upcoming actress and actor who love you?

BJ: Be true to yourself, focus, pray for grace and I hustle (work hard).

LVM: What are we expecting from you anytime soon?

BJ: some many things are coming and we are on it. Be on the look out my people.

LVM: when is the wedding bells ringing?

BJ: I know it will ring but I don’t know the time. Before then, let me face my work and be successful.

LVM: Thank you so much.

BJ: you are welcome.