October 29, 2020


In his quest to Revitalize African Culture Bakare Mubarak’s, hosted an exclusive dinner tagged “A Night of Unity, Culture & African fusion”.

Bakare who is a cultural ambassador and the tallest model in Sub-Saharan Africa do not only make connections or think about ideas alone, he also hosts and attends events to further his mission.

Recently, he hosted an exclusive “post lockdown” dinner for a few guests.

All COVID-compliant protocols were upheld at the exclusive “Post lockdown” dinner for few guests at a quintessential Indigenous Nigerian Owned Coffee house in Lagos, Nigeria.

The mixer, proudly supported by the prestigious Africa Fashion Week London/Nigeria- was hosted by Mubarak to encourage & further strengthen international friendship, co-operation, and development.

It is part of the campaign to kick against colorism and racism and an opportunity to unwind from the lengthy lockdown.

The event promoted the African narrative and a display of our rich culture through fashion. These are amongst the core values for Mubarak. Hence, He was commissioned by the African Fashion week London, to champion a project that showcased Kwara state’s local fabric, Aso Ofi, at the sustainable fashion week in New York through a fashion-film documentary.

(A collaboration between the organization and Her Excellency, the incumbent Kwara State governor’s wife, Olufolake Abdulrasaq, to showcase the state’s local fabric, Aso Ofi/ Aso Oke.)

At the mixer, Mubarak previewed the fashion film documentary to the special guests.

In a part of his speech conveying this information, he said;

“One of our focal points at Africa Fashion Week has been how to shed light on Africa’s indigenous textiles. As we now need to pinpoint a brief reference on the etymology of these materials in order not to vilify its essence. I will therefore love to show what we have dramatized as the headlines of this project we proudly tagged “Kwara state’s Aso Ofi.”

There were a range of other activities, which included;

– Tasting African; food and snacks, drinks, live brewing, and tasting African coffee.

– Exhibition of indigenous African hats, with matching nose-masks that were designed with Aso-Oke

– Display of handcrafted African inspired accessories, and more.

Some of the special guests who were delighted to attend the first-ever edition of “Bakare Mubarak’s exclusive mixer” showed their enthusiasm for our culture.

Many of them are already anticipating the second edition.

In attendance included; Diplomats from the USA Consulate, British high commission, and the French Consulate.

Salaudeen Olatoye, a talented pencil artist, Laurence Bauldry Shelukindo (tourism hospitality consultant); Ololade Ibrahim, an International Model; Lèhle Balde, a Senegalese senior associate, Mr. Ademola Ogunsesan (Journalist Business Day), the Project Manager of Lekki Conservation Centre, and the MD Maishayi coffee; Mrs. Demi Samande ( CEO majeur Chesterfield); Mrs. Folasande Oweseje, Tobi Musa (African Fashion Week London representative) among others were also present at the event.

All glory to God for this event’s success, watch out for more events from Mubarak, and his mission to connect the world and uphold African culture.