She is bold, She is beautiful, She is one of the extremely talented Nollywood Actress and She has featured in a lot of Movies. Her passion for acting is out of this world little wonder why she left one of the enviable Oil and Gas Company for Nollywood. Recently, we catch up with this cool, calm and collected Actress and Producer. She spoke to Otekunrin Oluwatomi of LA VERONICA MAGAZINE in an exclusive interview. Come along as we journey into the world of this wonder woman called BLESSING JESSICA OBASI.   

LVM: What was your journey like into an industry like NOLLYWOOD?

BLESSING: My journey to Nollywood was quite eventful, full of ups and downs, I started acting in church when I finished secondary school, trust me I was very prominent in church because of a particular role I played ’’Mama Chichi and I remember for long people started calling me Mama Chichi. Some years after I met a lady called Dorothy Kofsfi, she is a special effect and makeup artiste now, and she encouraged and started taking me to auditions. I remember a particular Zeb Ejiro audition I went for, fortunately, I played extra and I had to relax my hair just to fit the role on getting home that night, my mum took me to saloon asked the barber to do serious ‘’Gorimapa’’ and she beat the hell out of me and right there to forget about acting because she feels I will be distracted from my academics but if I clear my paper she will allow me. Trust my mum, she changed my school to Federal Government College Umuohia and when I was done with secondary school I got an admission to University of Lagos. While I was in school I was doing a lot of side gigs and going for several audition but at the end of my 100 level I realised that my CGPA was facing the Lagoon side(smiles)I borrowed myself some brains. And, I have to face my academics squarely and focus on the industrial relation and personal management. When I finished my NYSC I continued my side gigs then I was working with Mose Inyang and later I was privilege to work in one of the three biggest oil and gas company in Nigeria but trust me I didn’t enjoy it, and I remember even while still working, I was a crew member in the Movie ‘’The last Three Digits’’. I love the experience despite the fact that I was off and on at work because I have to submit my report at work every day but alas luck ran out of me, my boss called me and asked if I have been at work lately and I told him I come to work every day and my boss was just looking at me.

Lo and behold the next day I was summoned to the access control room where the camera shows that I resume in the morning, leave and come back at the close of work, my boss was very disappointed and I was ashamed of myself as well. So the moment eventually came, my boss gave me some days to choose between acting and my well-paying job. He said he forgave me for all the on and off but I have to choose one. He said if I pick the job then there is nothing like acting anymore and trust me Tomi, it was really hard to make that decision because I know that some will pray for years to work in an oil company like ours then. My boss even said nothing good comes out of actors, they turn out been prostitute and even told my mum why she’s supporting me. In my heart of heart, I was thinking of keeping my job because so many reason plus the fact that my boss likes me.

I went to church that faithful Sunday and the Pastor that preached talked about the true meaning of success “It’s not about the money you make every month but you aren’t happy doing it at all” “success is what you do happy” that was a clear message from God to me and lo and behold I choose acting and all my friend’s thought I was mad, they felt I left a dream job of many young Nigerians. Some even thought that it’s spiritual, that how can I leave work and my best friend try to get me another job about a month later. I got another job but I knew I wasn’t happy. I hope that my boss has forgiven me  by now because  when I get to work, I lock my office and I start to stream movies   on IROKO TV and at least I watch one film before I attend to any mail and later order food but I  realized that is not  the life I want to live. Even me I knew what I was doing was bad because the office internet was finishing so fast and after a month I told my boss I was leaving and he was so surprised because he was really nice to me but I left and since that time I never looked back. I chose to act and I have not regretted my actions and I won’t in JESUS name. It hasn’t been easy though but I am fulfilled here. This is me, this is my world, this is my passion, this is what I love and it is called ACTING.

LVM: Wow!! Quite a journey you had so how have you been coping with the challenges that comes with “Acting”.

BLESSING: I do offer business though so far it’s legit then I’m in, I have a production company, I have produced 5 movies to God be the glory

LVM: You love acting, why did you Cleve into production early in your career.

BLESSING: I am an Igbo girl I love business a lot “Kowope” (smiles)

LVM: If you were to pick between “Acting and producing” which do you prefer?

BLESSING: (smiles) no way, they together remember we have successful producer Actors. So for me I love both though producing will make you spend more though but you will get your money later if your content is top noted

LVM: How have you been keeping your private life in the mist of the stardom?

BLESSING: I try to mind my business; it’s mostly the grace of God. I don’t put my mouth on every issues. God knows I love my peace a lot.

LVM: You said you do other business apart from Acting & Producing what kind of business?

BLESSING: I sell cosmetics (Mary Kays product), I bring them in and supply cosmetics store; forget I go Lagos island very well when I need to, me I am kowope ministry (We have to make money ministry)

LVM: How did you achieve the scandal free actresses in Nollywood?

BLESSING: From my heart of heart, it’s God’s grace trust me some Actors that have scandals genuinely don’t know anything about the scandal but for me I give all glory to God. It has been grace all along. I am not taking that for granted.

LVM: What should we be expecting from Blessing Jessica Obasi this year?

BLESSING:   I have a lot to offer you guys should just keep your fingers crossed. You will all be amazed. Watch out for the movie I will be producing and the one I will featured in. Didn’t want to mention the names of the movie but please do well to watch and you will be glad you did.

LVM: What do you want to tell your fans and people who you have really inspired?

BLESSING: I love all my fans, I don’t take you guys for granted. Keep supporting your girl and you won’t be disappointed. To those looking up to me, those who I have inspired, it’s a pleasure to be someone that inspire other people and for me I want to tell you all that if  I can do this then you can do more just be patient, be hard working and put God factor in everything you do. Thanks for coming all the way Tomi. I appreciate. I am so honoured.