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She might not have the legs to walk but with her tenacity and focus on life has been working for her. She is an epitome of growing beyond limits to break any barrier. Her “can do spirit” is second to none; doing the impossible even in a seemly impossible situation of life. Come along as we journey into the world of the beauty and brains of ADENIKE DORCAS ADEBAYO as she spoke with Otekunrin Oluwatomi of LA VERONICA MAGAZINE in an exclusive interview recently.

LVM: What was life like growing up when you saw your peers walk with their two legs?

Adenike: (Smiles) Fortunately, I never attended physically challenged school, so I have been in the midst of children who are not physically challenged from primary school to tertiary institution.

LVM: Were you marginalized at any point in time in school?

Adenike: Fortunately, for me I have been very lucky and I must say I enjoyed the grace of God. People like me are mostly helped.  Some even wait till they take me to lecture theatre for my lecture, before they would go their different destinations.

LVM: When asked if she was born like this, her mum was around to answer the question.

ADENIKE’S MUM : She was a very beautiful baby to behold at birth. I saw her legs as a baby and I never thought she won’t walk with the legs though. All I know was that when she was a year old she was still crawling and I had hoped that she would still walk but “walking” never came and I had to carry her everywhere I went. It’s a long story but I won’t bore you with stories. At a point, I was contemplating throwing her away. But, I remember that I met someone on my way, who told me not to try it because something bad would happen to me. My sister, it hasn’t been easy. She might be on scholarship but her feeding and transportation every day. Taking her to school from primary school till polytechnic hasn’t been a walk in the park. All the same, I am grateful to God. If not for God, it’s a very daunting condition.


LVM: (Back to Nike) So which secondary school did you attend?

Adenike: I went to Queen of Apostle. I can boldly say that I enjoyed the school. And, I met good people in that school. Also, going to the Polytechnic at Ibadan to study Banking and Finance is what I enjoyed most. Against all odds,I did my OND and HND and I await my National Youth Service Corps soonest.

LVM: What kind of job would you love to do?

Adenike: I love anything accounting. I would like to be a Banker and by His grace I would  like to study Accounting for my Master’s Degree abroad, I am completely tired of Nigeria (Smiles) The trouble of walking miles to lecture theatre is tasky, the strike, there is too much drama studying in Nigeria Thank God for benefactors, who helped me throughout school.

LVM: Were you privileged to be on scholarship from any NGO or private individual?

Adenike: Just like I said the other time that I am favoured and graced. I have some selected few ( former First Lady of Oyo State) that God used and is still using to help me. Chief (Mrs.) Mutiat Ladoja saw me from Primary School during a particular programme and she paid my school fees from that time till when I was done with my HND even when I had an extra semester and I did not want to bother her, she came through for me again when I called her. I was thinking she will be very angry at me for the extra semester, but rather she came to my rescue again. (Cut-in)

LVM: Hope having an extra semester wasn’t too much of a challenge for you?

Adenike: Fortunately, the “Feet-of-Grace by Dr. Mrs Irene” asked me to come for the artificial leg in Enugu.  At that time school was on strike. Before, I got back to school, school had resumed and they were done with exam in just a week. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was told I had to write the exam in the next session. I felt bad considering that I wouldn’t want to disturb Mrs Mutiat  Ladoja again for another semester. But, to God be the glory, I wrote  the exams and I passed.I can’t wait to serve my country.

LVM: What are the other things you love doing ?

ADENIKE: Gone are the days when I used to like making beads, I think bead making is going out of fashion. My new found love is now make-up. I will  love to be a professional make-up artiste; I just want to make people beautiful.

LVM: You will like to have your Master’s abroad?

ADENIKE: Yes oh. I want to study accounting, I am open to any assistance from well many Nigerians.

LVM: Do you think the society is friendly with people living with one disability or the other?

ADENIKE: I can’t say for many. But, I want to thank God for the grace upon my life. People should be more merciful. It’s not our fault that we are like this.

Please be nice to us,we are people like you .

LVM: What are your plans for the year?

ADENIKE: I want to serve my country-(NYSC), do my Master’s abroad and take good care of my mum, she has been through a lot because of me. My mum is my cheerleader, she believes so much in me. I don’t know what I could do without God and my mum. She takes me to school every day from primary to tertiary institution. God will keep her for me.

I want to thank.(Former  First Lady Oyo State) Chief  (Mrs) Mutiat Olayinka  Ladoja , a kind hearted woman,. May God continue to bless her. Dr. Mrs Irene of Feet-of-Grace,God bless you ma. And to some who have been of help to me in one way or the other. I appreciate you all.

LVM: What do you want the government to do for you?

How can government and people be of help to you?

Adenike: A lot (smiles) the artificial leg from the “Feet-of-Grace by Dr Irene was and still a blessing but iit is getting old, I need a new ones. I need scholarship for my Master’s Degree abroad. Please, help a young lady with so many dreams.

And I want to thank the Publisher, La Veronica Magazine Aunty Vera too for her kindness, I am very grateful. May  God bless La Veronica magazine. Aunty Vera I heart you big ma. You have been so helpful. Your children will never lack destiny helpers in Jesus name.